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Star Spring Buys

Here’s what to put your money on this season

Here’s what to put your money on this season

The Ruffled Blouse

Call it Victorian, say it’s Spanish. No matter where it got its influence from, the ruffled blouse is back. Wear it with sleeves for that hot secretary vibe or bodycon for that femme fatale appeal.


Heels are finally taking a well deserve break. In its place are mules that promise to let you hover close to the ground. Sans gravity defying antics, your feet and back will thank you for this.


Making a statement just got easier with super bold chokers. From Phillip Lim’s heavy duty chain link versions to Armani’s hook-on wire interpretations to Dior’s scarf-like numbers, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Slip Dresses

Now this is one trend you won’t want to slip you by. This light and airy lingerie spin off is perfect for the tropics. Wear it on its own, over a tee or under a turtleneck, your call.

Wide Belt

Pull any look together with a belt. For the illusion of a tiny waist, reach for a wide belt. Perfect for slimming down boxy blouses and trimming down the silhouette of a frilly dress.

The White Shirt

The boyfriend’s white shirt is making a resurgence albeit with a decidedly more feminine slant – fitted with big bows, extra long sleeves, asymmetrical hems. This is one shirt we won’t be sharing with him.

Designer Denim

There’s denim, then there’s designer denim. What’s the difference? The fit of course. The closest thing to denim, designer denim construction is engineered to bring out the best of your [body] proportions. Longer legs, check, tighter butt, check. Tiny waist, check.



Most women are guilty are a few of these style don’ts

Check out these no go’s in fashion …

Check out these no go’s in fashion. Most women are guilty are a few of these style don’ts

Don’t Wear ALL the Trends
There are a lot of trends out there. Try them all out if you want but just don’t try them all out in the same look. Make sure the trend is flattering on you. Bright orange and reds are very in right now, but those colors don’t work on all skin tones. Be choosy about the trends you fit.

Don’t wear the same Bra all week without washing it
You need to have bras on rotation. Every lady has done this, but try to avoid getting into this pattern. Sweat stains and wearing out the elasticity of a bra is a no-no. Have different bras and wash the ones you wear frequently, especially in this heat!

Don’t Match all of Your Accessories
You do not need to match all your accessories. It’s 2016 so don’t over think it. If every accessory is a heart or you put on only red accessories- mix it up! Matching is old school. Have fun and play around. If you’re not sure if an accessory looks good then take it off, but overall your gut knows best.



To Each Their Own
Don’t make fun of someone else’s outfit. It’s not her outfit being ugly, it’s you. Do not judge someone’s outfit, just worry about you and try to slay.

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Jewelry is the delicate detail to change your vibe from blah to wow!

Body Jewelry is the delicate detail to change your vibe from…

Body Jewelry is the delicate detail to change your vibe from blah to wow! Get in on this accessory trend to enhance your look. Listed below are three successful outfits that pair swimmingly with body jewelry.

Crop top

A neutral crop top is a good backdrop to show off your sparkle. White and black crop tops are the most widely used for body jewelry to be draped over, whether to emphasise the bust, collarbones, shoulders, or stomach.

Bathing suit

Crank your bathing suit up to the next notch with gold or silver detailing. Body jewelry gives a focal point to your best body parts and gives you an edge at the beach or pool.


Want your best features embellished? Body jewelry contours the body in a flattering way to show off your curves and feminine physique without just showing skin. Body jewelry is a great solution to be a seductress when placed on bare skin, but is also super sexy if you want to feature your body without removing extra fabric. Body jewelry is a win-win for all body types.

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Eye On The Classics

(Khmer) ​ចេញ​ដើរ​លេង​ក្រោម​ពន្លឺ​ថ្ងៃ​ជាមួយ​ស្តាយល៍​វ៉ែនតាដ៏​

Don’t go anywhere under the sun till you’ve snagged one of these forever chic sunnies


The suave aviators are a perennial favourite among the stars and with good reason. Its cool appeal proffers instant chic and its enduring style goes with right about any ensemble. Round faces will prefer an angled shape to offset balance while pointy faces will benefit from an egg-shaped frame.


Don’t have a tiny face? No need for cosmetic enhancement, just snap on a pair of oversized frames to create the illusion. A few rules of thumb to adhere by and you’re set. Perfect circles soften the hard lines of an angular face. Upturned wings of a cat-eye lift and sculpt a round face. Sweetheart frames are the perfect accompaniment for a square jaw.


Black is a failsafe bet that promises to slim down the face. Like makeup, colours and prints instantly lift the complexion. Shorten a long face with broad and thick frames.

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