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Star Spring Buys

Here’s what to put your money on this season

Here’s what to put your money on this season

The Ruffled Blouse

Call it Victorian, say it’s Spanish. No matter where it got its influence from, the ruffled blouse is back. Wear it with sleeves for that hot secretary vibe or bodycon for that femme fatale appeal.


Heels are finally taking a well deserve break. In its place are mules that promise to let you hover close to the ground. Sans gravity defying antics, your feet and back will thank you for this.


Making a statement just got easier with super bold chokers. From Phillip Lim’s heavy duty chain link versions to Armani’s hook-on wire interpretations to Dior’s scarf-like numbers, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Slip Dresses

Now this is one trend you won’t want to slip you by. This light and airy lingerie spin off is perfect for the tropics. Wear it on its own, over a tee or under a turtleneck, your call.

Wide Belt

Pull any look together with a belt. For the illusion of a tiny waist, reach for a wide belt. Perfect for slimming down boxy blouses and trimming down the silhouette of a frilly dress.

The White Shirt

The boyfriend’s white shirt is making a resurgence albeit with a decidedly more feminine slant – fitted with big bows, extra long sleeves, asymmetrical hems. This is one shirt we won’t be sharing with him.

Designer Denim

There’s denim, then there’s designer denim. What’s the difference? The fit of course. The closest thing to denim, designer denim construction is engineered to bring out the best of your [body] proportions. Longer legs, check, tighter butt, check. Tiny waist, check.


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Eye On The Classics

(Khmer) ​ចេញ​ដើរ​លេង​ក្រោម​ពន្លឺ​ថ្ងៃ​ជាមួយ​ស្តាយល៍​វ៉ែនតាដ៏​

Don’t go anywhere under the sun till you’ve snagged one of these forever chic sunnies


The suave aviators are a perennial favourite among the stars and with good reason. Its cool appeal proffers instant chic and its enduring style goes with right about any ensemble. Round faces will prefer an angled shape to offset balance while pointy faces will benefit from an egg-shaped frame.


Don’t have a tiny face? No need for cosmetic enhancement, just snap on a pair of oversized frames to create the illusion. A few rules of thumb to adhere by and you’re set. Perfect circles soften the hard lines of an angular face. Upturned wings of a cat-eye lift and sculpt a round face. Sweetheart frames are the perfect accompaniment for a square jaw.


Black is a failsafe bet that promises to slim down the face. Like makeup, colours and prints instantly lift the complexion. Shorten a long face with broad and thick frames.

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Giorgio Armani stands the test of time

A Class Act

A Class Act

Forty years and counting, a stake that very few in fashion can lie claim to save for the revered likes of Giorgio Armani.

The 81-year-old designer who recently published a coffee table autobiography in ode to having dedicated four decades to the rag trade is not about to let festive fanfare distract him from doing what he’s best at – fashion design.

While there is a compelling element of familiarity what with revisiting favourites such as injecting sports elements, blinging up casuals, and pulling out killer red carpet looks, Armani deliberately took a sabbatical from his favourite beige and pastel palette in favour of red, blue and white. How totally Un-Armani.

Also significantly missing from the collection is the Italian’s penchant of playing match. The signature trouser suits are – gasp! – mismatched. No doubt the colour of the jacket is in line with that of the pants, it is obvious that they are cut from different textures. Is this a sign of things to come at this fabled fashion house? Will Armani finally change its sail? Time will tell.

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All Class & No Sass

Meet the actresses who make elegant sexy and sexy elegant

Meet the actresses who make elegant sexy and sexy elegant

Margot Robbie

CLAIM TO FAME: Australian actress who starred in “The Wolf of Wall Street” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

COP HER STYLE: Classic Glam. Margot Robbie is becoming a breakout star in Hollywood for her acting chops and style. Black, white, and reds are her go-to and they are never a let-down. She is pure sophistication with elegant sex appeal.

 Lucy Liu

CLAIM TO FAME: American actress and artist best known forAlly McBeal, Charlie’s Angels, Chicago, and Kung Fu Panda

COP HER STYLE: Lucy Liu loves a synched waist and showing some leg. Her petite frame makes stilettos and short dresses her norm.

epa02746711 Taiwanese-American actress Lucy Liu poses as she walks the red carpet for the premiere of the animinated movie Kung Fu Panda 2 in Hollywood, California USA 22 May 2011. Liu voices the role of Viper in the movie. EPA/MIKE NELSON

 Julia Roberts

CLAIM TO FAME: Actress and producer best known for her role in “Pretty Woman”.

COP HER STYLE: Long loose strawberry blonde waves are her signature do. Her wardrobe includes cocktails dresses, blazers, halter top evening gowns, peep toe pumps, and lots of plunging necklines.

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