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Creating Love Vibrations

Bring more love into your life! Everyone loves love and there are some ways to enhance the love vibes in your life whether you want to find a mate,

Bring more love into your life! Everyone loves love and there are some ways to enhance the love vibes in your life whether you want to find a mate, spice it up in the bedroom, feel empowered, or want to start a family of your own.

The color red symbolizes passion, love, and energy. Red is a dynamic color that also is physically attractive. Put a red stone or jewel close by to feel invigorated and empowered.

Quan Yin
Quan Yin is the goddess of mercy and compassion. She when placed in a room will cleanse a home of negativity. She protects women and children and brings love in to the home. She is also known as a symbol of fertility.

Dragon and the Phoenix
The dragon and the phoenix combined equate to the yin and yang symbol. The phoenix is the yin symbolizing female beauty and elegance. The dragon is the yang symbolizing male power and fertility. Together they are a marriage of perfect balance of love resulting in prosperity and children.

Just from the look of a peacock, you can tell that it symbolizes unique beauty. The saturation of colors that fan out is an elegant sight to see. It symbolizes feelings of love and attraction. The peacock is typically used to bring love to single people who want to find their soul mate.

Are you and your partner too busy for love making or are they not being faithful? The rooster helps with infidelity in a relationship. Place a rooster at the door to get your marriage back on track.

Love Birds
Put two birds in the bedroom to draw in good love vibes. Love birds are known to enhance a relationship by raising levels of attraction and building a stronger relationship with your partner.

Laughing Buddha
The laughing Buddha is an iconic symbol of happiness, love, wealth, and kindness. As most know, if you rub the belly of a laughing Buddha you will gain fortune and good luck. When in doubt, rub Buddha’s belly to bring a little more joy into your life.

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Baby, I Got You

Mark your newborn’s first milestone with a party he won’t forget. Throw him the

Mark your newborn’s first milestone with a party he won’t forget. Throw him the best baby shower ever!

Set The Theme
Babies just wanna have fun so make sure the theme reflects just that. Carnivals are magical, limited only by your own imagination. Every kid (and parent) in the house will easily have a great time

You Are Invited!
Get the theme going right from the look and feel of the invites. Let guests know what they’ll be in for to have them looking forward. Be explicitly clear with vital information such as venue, date and time.

It’s A Setup
You could paint the town with over-the-top decorations or mimic the theme with simple props, depending on the budget. Hard pressed for time? Try a coloured theme that’s gender specific. Works like a charm.

Extra, Extra
Ran out of chairs for the guests? Put throw cushions and ottomans to good use. Make like a cosy setup and fill them in between the gaps. Now everyone gets a seat.

Call In Favours
Personalised party treats are a crowd pleaser. DIY yours – from drinking straws to napkins to matchboxes. All you really need are block letter stamps and some magic pens and viola!

Candy Empire
No baby shower is complete without candies. Colour code them for maximum impact.

In The Middle
Missing a centerpiece? Pile every single gift in the middle of the room and you’ll have a spectacular one. Let the guests pitch in, leaving them to decide where an how to place their gift.

Eat, Drink, Love
Options are a must when it comes to shower delights since guests may have dietary restrictions. Keep each treat small and nifty for easy consumption. Beverages should come spiked (read: alcohol) and non-spiked.


Let The Games Begin
The successful party has the best games. Keep games easy to play so everyone can join in. Don’t be afraid to rehash games, as long as everyone has a barrel of laughs.

Birthday Party

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Mother and friend – Balancing the roles

As a mother you move through so many different roles in one day that at times it feels like being an actor attending a range of

As a mother you move through so many different roles in one day that at times it feels like being an actor attending a range of casting calls; disciplinarian, coach, cook, taxi driver, good guy, bad guy, and friend. But how do you strike that balance between mother and friend, letting your child know that you are there for them and want to spend time doing the fun stuff, but that you will also be there letting them know when they are out of line?

When children are younger it is easier to have fun with them and also discipline them without any hard feelings on either side, but as they hit adolescence they begin to test the boundaries and invariably conflict arises. There’s a stage where parenting becomes a functional role, not just an emotional role.

Teenage daughter looking messages in a smartphone and ignoring her furious mother. Bad family communication concept by new technologies

Your child is not your confidante
This is an innocent trap that mothers fall into, but when you make your child your confidante, you are saying that you are co-decision makers. The fact is, you and your child are not co-decision makers in any realistic way. Kids can offer you their opinion. They can tell you what they like and dislike. But certainly decisions, especially important ones but even certain minor ones, have to be made by you, the parent. Kids have to understand that the family moves as a unit and the adults make the decisions.

Pushing boundaries
There comes a time for every parent when they realise that their once compliant, smiling child has turned into a scowling teen. It’s a completely normal stage in a teen’s development to want to test their boundaries, become independent and take risks. As a parent, this can be difficult, we don’t want to let go, we know the dangers that face them and the mistakes that they will invariably make. Teens become secretive which can lead to conflict in the house.

Mother embracing and soothes depressed teen daughter by problems

Being the cool mum
It is tempting for many mums to want to be the cool mum, the hip one that your teenager and her friends can relate to. We have all seen the Hollywood movies. We know the cool mums and the not-so-cool mums, the cool mums know what is going on in their child’s lives the others don’t. Life’s not a Hollywood movie though and even though you desperately want to keep your teen close, being the cool mum is not the way.

Closeup on sad teen daughter crying by problems in the shoulder of her mother. Mother embracing and consoling daughter.

The fine balance
The fine balance you want to achieve is a relationship where your teenager is comfortable sharing their problems with you in times of need, but where you are also always the one in charge. The family rules and values should be maintained. That being said, the teen years are time of growth and discovery, a time to make mistakes and learn from them. Give your teenager the chance to make some mistakes and be there for them with a shoulder to cry on and advice for next time.

Teenager problems – Mother comforts her troubled teenage daughter

Special time
No matter how busy your lives are, make it a priority to spend some quality time with your teenager each week doing something you both enjoy. This could be as simple as going out to a cafe, or going to the movies. Although they are finding their independence, they are still young and they need to know that you care and that you value spending time with them. All too soon they will be adults and leading lives of their own. Habits like this can carry over into adulthood.

Happy smiling woman with car key in car. Driving

Gilmore Girls legacy
So you’ve watched Gilmore Girls and you and your teenager have a very Gilmore relationship? That’s great and lucky them, better a Lorelei than a Chris Kardashian, but you still need to give your teenager the space they need to make their mistakes, however big or small.

Finding that balance means:
​ ​providing them with that functional care
​ ​letting them make mistakes and being there for them afterwards
​ ​Setting up special time for each other every week
​ ​Maintaining the rules
​ ​Not using them as a confidante.

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Destination Wedding

Destination weddings make gorgeous photos and …

Destination weddings make gorgeous photos and create another grandeur element to a wedding. A change in scenery from your day to day makes it a momentous occasion in a new place with an added zest to the ceremony. There are seven top places in Cambodia couples have been celebrating their love and starting a new chapter in life.​ ​

Kampong Som (Sihanoukville)
Kampong Som is located in Cambodia near the Gulf of Thailand. It is filled with beaches along the coast and a buzzing nightlife. For couples looking for a nice seaside resort, look into what Kampong Som has to offer.

Kampong Speu- Kirirom
Kampong Speu Province holds a Kirirom National Park that was originally a holiday resort. The greenery and waterfalls makes it a spectacular backdrop for a destination wedding. Kirirom means “Joyful Mountain” in khmer. This “Joyful Mountain” is a place of beauty with breath-taking scenery and peaceful vibes.

Kampot- Bokor Mountain
Another stunning location with fresh air and relaxation is Bokor Mountain. As well as the glorious nature, there’s no need to camp in a tent when there is a nearby world class resort, casino, and twelve restaurants. Your guests will be pleased and spoiled by the luxury. The juxtapositions of luxury and outdoors is a win/win for all. It also gives a varied option for pictures and celebrating.

Kep is a quaint location that many love to escape the city to enjoy a vacation with ease. White sand beaches are close by and the beautiful colors of plants, animals, and water give vibrancy to life. Butterflies flutter in existence at the Kep national Park. Guests can stay in boutique resorts in the province and enjoy fresh seafood while watching the sunset; a gorgeous spot for a wedding getaway.

Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and the largest city. With Phnom Penh being a city, it comes with many perks. That is wide range of amazing restaurants, great wedding stores, rooftop sites of the city, a boat ride on the Tonle Sap River, and so much more!

Siem Reap
A beautiful canoe ride along the water takes romance to another level or you can rock out with your spouse at Hard Rock Café. The picturesque views of temples and nature, plus the limitless options for high-quality accommodations and fun nightlife activities will keep the wedding celebration going with the abundance of options Siem Reap has to offer.

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