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Allure Kit: The No Makeup Look

The first step in achieving this look involves application of BB cream

Set the Foundation

The first step in achieving this look involves application of BB cream. Make sure that your face is clean and the skin moisturized. Apply the foundation and wait for a few minutes before applying tinted moisturizer. The idea is for your skin to retain its natural tone without looking uneven. For best results, make sure that you blend both the cream and moisturizer with clean fingertips.

Take care of Blemishes

If you are going down the no-makeup route, then you can’t keep piling layer upon layer of concealer on your face to hide one blemish! Everything must look natural and you can achieve this look by using a hydrating concealer. Use a small amount and cover any blemishes with its help.

The right way of applying concealer is to wait several minutes after you have moisturized your skin. Next, dab the concealer with light movements and wait for several minutes again. Lastly, start gently tapping the concealed area to help it blend in.

No Powder at all

The best way to approach a no-makeup look is by keeping away from all sorts of powders. This means that you can’t use your favorite shade of blush, if it is in powdered form. Instead, reach for the cream blush that will leave your skin with a natural looking glow.

It is easy to apply cream blushes and you can do it by hand or with a brush, depending on whichever makes you more comfortable. Begin with your cheeks, applying the blush at the apples and using forward with upward strokes to cover the hairline.

Try to keep the color on the front of your face, so that it makes you look younger. If you want to visualize what the blush should look like, then you can use the color of your flushed face after exercise as your guide.

Eyebrows Come Next

Once you are done with the blush application, it will be time to focus on your eyebrows. The first thing that you need to do is comb them, so you can spot any missing hair. If you find nay, lightly fill them with a gel. Too much gel and the whole focus of the look will be stolen by your eyebrows. The idea is to leave behind brows that are well defined.

Go Easy on the Rest

You can choose between skipping eyeliner or applying some on the top lash line. Next, apply brown-black mascara to curled top lashes. Complete the look with some tinted lip balm applied to the lips.

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