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Glamorously Accenting Your Nails

Let’s talk about accenting your nails – the glamorous way.

Let’s talk about accenting your nails – the glamorous way. You have regularly seen them nailing the runways at Fashion Week, and now, we will help you make them a part of your at-home manicure routine. Best thing about these to-be-introduced ideas? You don’t need to be a nail artist.

Choosing the Accent Nail

Before deciding on the color or design, you need to choose the accent nail. Accent nails come in all sizes. Spread the palm of your hands, facing downward and you can choose:

  • The pinky accent nail – rarely utilized but a true representation of feminism.
  • The ring finger accent nail – for the chic, the classics.
  • The middle finger accent nail – for the rebellious.
  • The index finger accent nail – for the bolds.
  • The thumb accent nail – for the expressive.

You can also select a combination of two. Or instance people love pairing thumb accent with the index or ring. Then there are some who want to make their index and middle finger accents the standout among the nail horde.

Accenting the Nails with Different Colors

Once you have picked up an accent nail, it’s now time to style it into one with different color applications. You can use a pastel color nail polish for your pinky finger, while coloring others with dark shade. For the pointer, the index accent nail, you can use orange polish and pair it with gold lacquer.

And, if you really want to go for something unique amidst the world of colors, apply a holographic powder over the colored accent nail to get a holographic nail. Here is how:

Accenting the Nails with Textural Styles

Some of us find it too mainstream to simply color an accent nail with vivid and bold shades; we rather prefer the textural styles. For that, you have four options:

  • You can get a textural accent with nail decals
  • You can simply use different colored nail polish, a dotting and a stripping tool to create textures.
  • You can use tiny scotch tapes to create a tape art for your nail.
  • You can use feather patches available in the market to come up with a textural accent.
  • You can use nail glitters to style accent nails.

And, now go full creative with subtle leopard prints, zigzag styles, chevron waves, floral designs, fruity textures, tribal prints and what not.

Ladies, step out – it’s time to reveal the glamorous, attractive yet natural you, to the world!

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