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Glamorously Nailing Your Way to Enhanced Natural Attractiveness

Welcome to Allure Kit (hyperlink to blog titled: Looking Good, part of the previous order),

Welcome to Allure Kit (hyperlink to blog titled: Looking Good, part of the previous order), an edition based series, where we help and inspire, the underwhelmed and out of ideas Aphrodites, with creative makeup tips to be at their very best looking. And, in this edition progress, we will teach you about:

How to achieve a natural yet attractive look?

This is,

Glamorously Nailing Your Way to Enhanced Natural Attractiveness

The Natural Yet Attractive Look

Ask any guy about their makeup preferences that women wear and the majority will voice a resounding consensus:

The natural look, which is far more attractive.

Sssh, my confidants: Let them believe in the belief.

For, only we know that even looking natural requires SOME makeup application, and skill. We cannot leave it too smeared with the gloss and powder. It can’t be cakey and neither can it be dark. It just needs to enhance the attractiveness of our natural look, because this is exactly what works – we are sure Professor Alex Jones would concur.

However, how do we get this look?

1) It All Starts with a Great Skin

The first prep step is to make sure you have washed your face to remove the dust and oil accumulated in your face pores. If you had a makeup other night, use makeup remover for a more profound cleansing. Apply a scrub, if necessary.

Once you have cleaned your face, next apply a moisturizer—not just any, but one which has been formulated to suit your skin. The moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated, evening out your skin texture to create a natural, perfect surface for later application of routine makeup. Routine, because you are going to fall in love with it!

After the application of moisturizer, put on a makeup primer to give a base to your foundation or concealer to hold on to. Plus, it also removes excess oil and soothes the skin.

2) Progress Finely and Work out the Imperfections

Work finely with your pinky little finger, as you apply a concealer to hide away the dirk circles, blemishes and other skin imperfections, leaving your skin looking flawless.

3) Time to Lay Some Foundation

We would suggest using a powder or an airy liquid foundation. Apply only a peas-sized layer across your face to create an even, non-streaked look. A brush or sponge application should do the trick.

4) Make the Glow More Prominent

Get a shimmer, project your confident self and put on your beautiful smile. Add everything, don’t make the shimmer go all too wild, we want a pleasant gleam and there you go:

Your glowing self, but a bit more prominent.

5) A Fine Color Touch

This is where you need to be a little picky. The blush color shades should vary, depending on your skin tone, however, peaches are an agreed great. Blend it along the cheekbone line and if possible, use a cream or liquid blush to achieve a natural look.

Move over the eye, and swipe a neutral color for a muted but attractive look. This time the color should be a shade or two darker to avoid a dramatic look.

For the lip, light pinks, sand colors and peaches are preferred. For a simpler look, you can also apply a little gloss.

6) Err, Forgetting the Eyeliner?

Yes, but intentionally. It doesn’t fit with the picture of a natural look.

What about mascara?

Only a thin layer, but if you already have dark lashes, you can skip it.

And you are ready!

Not fully though. Remember our promise about those glamorous nails? Well they will be a perfect compliment for your natural, attractive look.

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