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A Catwalk Across the Fashionable Fashion Labels

The allure of the fashion labels, the signature flaunts of each brand

The allure of the fashion labels, the signature flaunts of each brand – Ooh La La, we follow them religiously; they are the topic of discussion at every sophisticated sip over the coffee.  From the elegance of France to the effortless glamour of Italy – many fashionable fashion labels prime the enticing runway of our choices.

Sticking to our cult tradition of paying homage to the formed legacy of every ruling fashion muse, in this edition’s publication, we set out for a catwalk to explore:

The Chanel Fashion Label

When Ms. Coco (Gabrielle) Channel flaunted a resort hat, in front of her small shop, opened in Paris 1909, everyone could see something legendary was born that day. So much so, that fashion became Chanel and Chanel became the undying deity of the vogue ages that followed.

Success perpetuated into mass received appreciation and starting with millinery, the collection then expanded to sports knitwear, mousseline dresses, fragrances, pearl strands and beyond. The label signatures—the chain link quilted handbags, tweed jackets, costume jewellery and the classic little black dress, introduced by Gabrielle Coco back in her time became the modern day period.

Today, it is headed by the German designer Karl Lagerfeld, who every year adorns the brand’s collection at fashion shows staged on the carousels of Edinburgh to the zen garden of Dubai and Paris.

The Chanel fashion label primes the following product lineages as part of its collection:

  • Fine jewellery
  • Fragrance
  • Haute couture
  • Ready to wear
  • Chanel shoes and bags
  • Watches
  • Sunglasses
  • Makeup and cosmetics

A true embodiment of Ms. Coco’s beliefs, “a woman should look classy and fabulous”, the fashion label has managed to keep its long woven tradition over the years, while progressing from strength to strength with each fashion trend.

The Armani Fashion Label

Characterized by timelessness and elegance, the Armani fashion label was founded in 1975 by Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti—“the man who helped Armani believe in his work”. Initially starting by designing elegantly subtle menswear, the duo chartered new courses in the world of style and luxury, introducing women’s wear, fragrances, jewellery and many other collections. However, the love affair between Armani and Galeotti only lasted till 1984, when the latter was diagnosed with AIDS and passed away at the age of forty.

Inspiring the fashionable us for decades, the Armani emporium has become a representation of luxurious lineage, embellished in its flowing silhouettes, royal quality fabrics and attractive monotonous of majestic colors. Featuring a wide range of products, distributed across numerous sub labels, the Armani fashion label captures one of the largest shares and admirers in the fashion market. The expansive lineage includes:

  • Men’s and Women’s clothing – ready to wear, business wear, haute couture and swim wear
  • Designer styling for the kids
  • Eyewear
  • Perfumes
  • Jewellery
  • Watches
  • Bags and shoes
  • Beauty and makeup
    Budding into its explosive self, when Richard Gere wore the suits in 1980’s American Gigolo, the fashion house’s staidly stunning collection, continue to fashionably captivate the admirers as ethnically diverse models stride the majestic undertones on the runways of present.

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