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Celebrity Styles That Are Hard to Overlook

We all have our own style but it takes something to wear your style just like these celebrities do.

We all have our own style but it takes something to wear your style just like these celebrities do. Read on to know more about this.
The dressing is your well-sought revenge!

Dressing up in the city full of light and life is no mean feat. You must own your style and look like a superstar at all times. You must nail your individual style and you must make it work!

In the world of celebrities, holding on to your personality while flaunting the latest fashion trend becomes even more difficult when you are surrounded by the nagging paparazzi and the flashing spotlights. But then, there are some celebrities who never miss catching our eyes and who never fail in keeping the best of their styles, no matter if they walk out of a store or stepping up on the runway!

They know what it takes to own the stardom – they shine through their style, may it be casual or formal, and they know how to inspire others!

Celebrity Urbanites and the Style Inspirations
So are you ready to take your inspiration from the stars who have nailed it? Here we go:

Gigi Hadid

The young, fresh and beautiful GIGI keeps it casual. The gorgeous diva that has taken over the fashion world in no time owns a street style that is hard to resist. The sweet California girl, who is now America’s sweetheart, knows how to keep it chic with simplicity.

What is most dominant is her everyday styling is her sense of dressing – her curves. She is the top model that can even make the simple tee and pair of jeans stand out. She shines through her personality and understands the fashion like no other!

From trend fanatics to keeping-it- casual, GIGI falls under both the style statements. She not only follows the trend but blazes a trail with her unique styling at every event and even on the streets.


The superstar of the music world, better half of Jay-Z, fashion mogul and a mother of twins – Beyoncé never strayed away from the fashion spotlight. From the days of Destiny’s Child till today her style has influenced the styling preference of many women around the world. The superstar is known for her contemporary, flattering pieces that come with bedazzling embellishments. She may not be young, but she is the diva who has got the class to carry her formal style even on the street. She owns a streamlined look and her preferences include fashion giants Roberto Cavalli and Givenchy. She is a notion of elegance, class, style and most importantly, she is known for her strong personality and superstar persona.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen is a style icon as well known for her edginess and her popping red lips. As she enters her forties, the singer has taken an edge in combining the latest fashion trends with her casual and unconventional style. She has made her mark by launching her unique, super-quaky and ultra-chic collections that are sure to make it to the fashion runway. She has made her mark by launching her unique, super-quaky and ultra-chic collections that are sure to make it to the fashion runway. She holds a great sense of styling that sparks through her quirky personality. She is a style icon who carries her music career along with fashion world – just like she knows how to carry the formal as well as casual attire with a class of her own. While Gwen stepped in as a vocalist, she is now recognized for her casual-chic style which is not only adorable but also an inspiration for many young girls who believe in the power of styling!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is always on news for making another mark with her unique styling. She has this unique personality which can capture the eyes of many without her even uttering a single word. She is known as the fashion risk taker and is popular for her distinctive, proactive style preferences. She has a unique and casual style that may not complement the latest trends all the time but she still manages to stand out from the crowd. Kylie experiments with her beauty look whether it’s the makeup collection or having her own styling choices. She is a simple trendsetter who is always juggling through different stylish outfits and fashion accessories. From party casual to glamour queen, Kylie’s sense of style is unique, bold and very distinctive from the celebs of her age.

Natalie Portman

Natalie is one of the prettiest actresses who is famous for her commanding presence and shining personality both on and off the screen. The fashion critics consider Natalie to be one of the few superstars who have a natural and alluring style. She is commonly seen wearing formal looks and that is the same class which is reflected through her classy looks. Natalie Portman’s style is classic, confident and rarely casual. Her style is radiant and she is one of the most elegant middle-aged celebrities around. Natalie understands the fashion trends and she incorporates her style uniquely with her personality. She is known for her grace and her style is an inspiration for many young ladies.

Kylie Minogue

No matter if she is walking down the red carpet in YSL or D&G or simply stepping out of her house, Kylie’s style never fails to meet the fashion standards. She owns a style in which she is never afraid of going classy with full-length dresses or in mini-dresses and short skirts. Kylie is a woman in her forties who flaunts a graceful yet bold style. She knows how to craft a classic signature feminine look that simply radiates her strong positive persona. While she cannot be called a casual-chic anymore, she is definitely an elegant and classic style icon of the music as well as the fashion industry.

“Fashion fades; only style remains the same.” These celebrities truly live up to this adage! So, which Celebrity’s style inspire you the most?

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