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Gadgets Recognize No Gender

Girls Just Want to Have Fun—this popular song title is in fact a metaphor for how the female human species—girls and women, want to live their life.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun—this  popular song title is in fact a metaphor for how the female human species—girls and women, want to live their life. One thing that is almost certain women love doing is shopping—and this is probably true with most women in the world.

However, contrary to popular belief, women don’t just buy clothes or vanity items and neither do they just buy every gadget that looks remotely pink. Women look for a lot more when buying gadgets, . Not generalizing them, but men tend to underestimate what women can do, but, don’t let this affect you—we women have the intelligence and ability to make all the decisions in the world—even the ones that involve buying technology. While you may have the potential to make tech-purchase decisions on your own, here are a few trendy gadgets you may wish to consider owning.

Kate Spade Mother of Pearl Scallop Bangle Activity Tracker

More and more women today are buying fitness wearables. A pretty wearable to say the least, the Kate Spade Mother of Pearl Scallop Bangle Activity Tracker resembles a bangle, and after you put it on, you can track your exercise and other fitness KPIs. You can buy this gadget at your favorite mall, or online from Amazon for just $98.

Chic Wireless Headphones

If you’re like most other women, and want to listen to music all the time, then you’ll find the Chic Wireless Headphones quite handy. Not only do these wireless headphones allow you to listen to music while you work your fingers on the computer keyboard at work, but they also complement your outfits regardless of what you’re wearing.

Smart Jewelry

Ten years ago, smart jewelry wasn’t even a thing but today, it is selling like hotcakes. An eye-catching gadget, the smart jewelry syncs with your smartphone to light up and vibrate every time you get a notification on your phone. But, the best is yet to come—you can customize the vibrations to know exactly what each vibration is for. Isn’t that cool?

Brainstream SOI Handbag Light with Automatic Sensor

Ever treasure-hunted your handbag to find something you desperately needed at the time? You probably have! In fact, we’ve all been there. The Brainstream SOI Handbag Light with Automatic Sensor might just be what you need. A gadget that lights up on sensing motion, the Brainstream SOI is a great tool to shed some light on the situation and find the prized-asset in your handbag. The cost? Only $29.95.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

Let’s be honest, women love to pout and take selfies—a gadget that can take that experience to a whole new level is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera. With this gadget, you can pout, take selfies and instantly print out the photos. If you party a lot, then you’ll love this gadget as it features automatic flash and a collapsible lens that pops out, making it the ideal camera for parties where the lighting is dim.

IPad Mini 4

When buying a gadget, one of the most important things for women is portability. We want things that we can easily carry and handle which makes iPad Mini 4 the ideal tablet for you. Sleek with a mini movie screen, the iPad Mini 4 boasts a lot of features and can easily fit in your handbag.

Waterproof Speakers

Now, you can listen to music in the shower without worrying about the risk posed by humidity or water to your electronics. Just take your AOKII Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers with you when you go for a shower and listen to music care-free—in the shower. These speakers are priced at $26.

We women want the best of everything including the best gadgets out there. There is no shortage of trendy gadgets if you just bother to look.

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