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Naturally Nude

Dry and cracked lips may be our enemy this cold season, but don’t worry because the natural lip trend keeps them perfectly plump. The red lips have staying power, but take a break from this bold statement by working in some lighter, more natural shades into your beauty repertoire. The fresh face will be equally shocking after the trend of intense colors, so be sure to go easy on the eye makeup as well with bare minimum accents.

To really get this natural look, a good lip care regimen is your best defense against the elements. Start by exfoliating dry, flaky lips with a lip scrub. You can find your favorite brand or even try your hand at making one at home. Always make sure to use a good lip balm afterwards to moisturize and protect. Either add a moisturizing lip gloss to showcase your natural color, or find a moisturizing lipstick that isn’t too over-the-top. This look is perfect for daytime, but to bring it into evening just add a slightly smoky eye to stay understated, yet radiant.

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