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Your Wedding Soundtrack

The music played at your wedding ceremony has the ability to set the entire feeling and tone of the occasion. Taking the time and effort in choosing exactly what music you’d like to play, whether you will have a DJ or band, and how you want the tone of your wedding to be set is extremely important. Make these decisions with your fiancé and choose together wisely. If you want a wild party for your wedding, you can go with the dance tunes and a DJ, but if you’re hoping for something a bit quieter and intimate- a jazz band or quartet may be more your style. Start thinking about this as you begin your nuptial organization- it’s a key element in the scheme of things. Although this is a day of celebration for you and your partner, remember that there will be some of your loved ones hoping for specific or special songs. If your parents or grandparents want to use a traditional tune, keep that in mind and try and include them in the decisions if you feel comfortable.

Think of ‘Where?’

Envision where you are planning on having your ceremony and/or reception. Choosing your music may change in regards to the location of the wedding, whether a church, outdoor venue, hotel, or resort. It’s also important to think of how noise and sound will sound in the space- acoustics sound different in all sorts of spaces so make sure your choices are an ideal fit for the selected location.

Think ‘How Many?’

Keep in mind the timing of your wedding and how many songs will need to be played from the time guests begin to arrive to the time you and your new life partner leave the venue. Different cultures have different types of music and ceremonies, so you may need to utilize additional traditional songs within your ceremony along with your own personal choices.

Think of the Practice

Many times, a wedding rehearsal will take place the night or day before the actual ceremony. Waiting until that point to find the timing in a song may not leave you enough time to find a new one- try and do tests of the music beforehand so you have time to change anything necessary.

Think of the Talent

Do you have any friends who have exceptional voices and will want to perform at your wedding, or you’d like to ask them? If so, it can be an excellent way to bring them into the ceremony and feel loved and valued and be part of your big day.

Think of the Pros

You may want to leave the music in the hands of a professional, especially if you aren’t accustomed or well-versed in music yourself. If you decide that you’d like to hire a DJ, band, or singer- do so long before the wedding so you can make arrangements according to your plans and that all problems, issues, or questions are ironed out before the wedding. The way you find your musician is extremely important and vital that you know who you are hiring and how they will work with you. Ask for samples of their music (CDs, videos, websites, etc), if they do not have samples- they aren’t professionals; forget them.

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