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What a Stud?

Can studs work with contemporary fashion today?  Sure.  Should they though?  That’s a whole other question.  When I first read that studded pieces were the topic this month the first image that came to mind was Avril Lavigne and her song “Sk8er Boi,” no that’s not a typo she really did spell it that way.  And to be honest, I still don’t know if there’s even a studded piece in the entire video but Avril is just the type of person that for a long time I associated with wearing studs; borderline trashy and very emo- basically someone that you would see hanging at the mall for an entire weekend, being too loud with their friends, not buying anything, and annoying the hell out of retailers.  Studs were edgy and masculine in the 80’s but this Hello Kitty generation has ruined it and it’s just now beginning to become accepted again.

 All that being said, I still do dig studs on certain items and women-but solely on higher end, authentic pieces.  Pleather jackets and $4.99 phone cases definitely don’t apply here.  Just like with most controversial or risky pieces: confidence is key!  You can really tell when something works and when it doesn’t.  If there’s any doubt you may have in wearing studded pieces, just don’t.


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