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Hot for Teacher

While teacher-student relationships really should never be condoned, there’s something daring and sexy different about slipping on a pair of glasses to give you that sexy smart feel, especially if they’re not part of your daily look. The old childhood phrases, “girls who wear glasses never get passes” is old news- some of the hottest stars like Megan Fox and Gisele Bundchen are rocking glasses; we don’t know if they really need them to see, but what we can see is how amazing they look! Try out different sizes and styles to find a pair that fits your face shape and stick with frames that are black, grey, or tortoiseshell- anything else looks a bit childish or like you’re ready to hit the beach. Also make sure your glasses, especially if they’re not prescribed, have actual lenses in them! There’s not much sillier than wearing a pair of frames without any glass in them.

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