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The Guest Friendly Home

Whether you’re entertaining and putting a friend up for one night or having guests stay for a number of days, you always want to make sure that they’re comfortable, but that you are as well. Arranging things in advance can take a lot of pressure off once your friends or family actually arrive so that you can fully enjoy their companionship and vice versa.  Take note of a few tips that can make your time cohabitating as seamless and most enjoyable as possible.

  1. Organize in Advance: Think about who will be visiting, what they might need and require, how you can help, and if you will need to do anything particular beforehand. Doing these things ahead will leave less stress once your guests have actually arrived and will leave your mind free to welcome them with ease.
  1. Menu Plan: Think about your visitors and what they eat. Are they vegetarians? Do they have any allergies? Setting up a menu schedule for their time staying will remove the stress of needing to grocery shop while they’re with you and you can have everything either prepared or ready to prepare while they’re with you. Stocking your shelves with non-perishable items and snacks can also make your guests feel more comfortable: set aside an area of your cabinets or refrigerator for them so you can quickly direct them to it or know where to find where the groceries are easily.

  1. De-clutter: Removing the things around your home that aren’t needed will not only make you feel better and make your home more attractive, but give your guest a more pleasant welcome. Without the unnecessary things lying around, you’ll be able to proudly show your home and make them feel at ease.
  1. Focus: Decide the areas of your home that your guests will actually be spending time in. It’s doubtful they’ll be taking your own room or bathroom- so you don’t need to worry about focusing on too much organization there (do it another time for sure, though!). Find the places they will spend the most time in and make it as “hotel-like” as possible for the most comfortable stay.
  1. Guestroom Guidelines: If your visitors will be staying in a guestroom, make sure the closets have room for their items along with some extra hangers and possibly an air freshener to rid the room of any stale smells. Adding an extra bar of soap or a small tube of toothpaste in case they forgot their own is an added gesture of greeting that can be extremely helpful to your guests. Make sure the room is stocked with tissues and toilet paper if needed in the bathroom and make sure all the lights are working. Making sure you have fresh towels and bed sheets for your guests is also important so they feel clean, happy, and comfortable.
  1. No Guestroom?: If you don’t have an extra room to put your guests in and plan on keeping your own room, it can be helpful to invest in an air mattress or feather bed so they can set up easily in any extra living space and store the mattress when it’s not needed.
  1. Get Help: Don’t expect to do this all on your own if you don’t have time. Have your kids or husband help if you can, or hire a maid or service to assist if you simply don’t have enough time to get everything in order. Adding the stress of preparing to receiving guests can be a killer for fun!
  1. Add Touches of You: Make sure your home reflects who YOU are. Your favorite flowers, delicious scented candles you love, or photographs that represent your life give lift and warmth to the home and while you want your visitors to have a wonderful, hotel-like experience- remember that above all this is your home and you’ve done the kind gesture in sharing it. Enjoy your time and try not to stress when your company does arrive; them seeing you having a good time will put them at ease and make their time with you better all around.
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