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Put your smartphone down and star living

Although smartphones are made for easier communication, over obsessing on…

Although smartphones are made for easier communication, over obsessing on technology can also ruin your social life. When you become addicted to your smart devices, it may keep you in touch with people who are actually siting next you. The internet gives you a chance to get to know new people online, but can also distract you from interactions with the outside world.
We’re not asking you to stop using your smartphone, but you should set some rules for yourself to limit the time that you glance to the screen. Here are some tips you that may help you to break the habit:

.Don’t use phones at social events unless you really need to call someone, you’re looking up information as a group activity (e.g. who was that actor in that movie or how do we get to the restaurant?), tou’re sharing something on the phone with the people you’re with.

.Don’t answer calls or text messages on a dae unless you’re expecting an emergency call will not stop coming.

.You can only use the phone at stoplights, and only to check directionsor change music.

.No smartphone usage during short-term interactions (e.g. checking out at the grocery store).

When you’re making your life of rules, you need to consider your goals. Why do you want to stop using your phone all the time? When is using your phone the most problematic? When does constant phone use upset people, or at least seem to upset people?
Answering these questions should help you formulate a list that works for you. When you’ve got your list, just recite them in your mind before you go into any relevant situation. This may seem kind of silly, but it helps remind you of your goals. Putting the rules in your mind ahead of time will bring them right back to the forefront of your thoughts I you try to break them.

Finally, don’t expect things to change overnight. Even though being addicted to using a phone is kind of a silly, first-world problem, it’s an issue many smartphone owners have. The devices are entertaining and they have alert systems that train us to instantly respond.
Because there’s no real education on the proper use of these things, we just do what the devices tell us to do and don’t think too much about the consequences. Even if you don’t have a mil-to-extreme smartphone addiction, the right goal is to train yourself to use your mobile responsibly and as the tool it is. Its primary purpose is to connect you with people, so you never want to forget to do that when people are around you.

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