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Picture Perfect

Don’t leave it to chance to capture a perfect shot. Here are 7 steps to take for

Don’t leave it to chance to capture a perfect shot. Here are 7 steps to take for that Kodak moment

1.​ ​Fill in your eye brows
The brows frame and draw attention to the face so be sure to fill them in with powder or pencil to structure your look. Fuller and longer brows open up the eyes and adds instant depth to the face.

2.​ ​Line the inner rims of your upper lid
Mimic fuller lashes by darkening the inside of your upper eyelids. Opt for the waterproof formula that lasts and last.

3.​ ​Mascara, mascara, mascara
Don’t want your eyes to disappear in the photo? Then coat the lashes with many, many coats of mascara. Length and curl the lashes to further open up the eyes.

4.​ ​Sheer coverage
Looking flawless and looking overdone are two completely different things. Yes, by all means cover up the redness and blemishes, evening out the complexion will suffice in scoring a perfect shot. And don’t forget the ears if you’re planning on tucking the hair behind. Add a little foundation to the ears so they match the mien.

5.​ ​Blusher alert
Instead of contouring your face to death, blusher over the spots that catch the light (temples, apples of the cheeks, the nose, the chin) for a balanced and healthy flush.

6.​ ​Happy shiny lips
Fake a youthful glow with well-moisturized lips. Or you can just add a dollop of gloss.

7.​ ​Good hair day
Tame flyaway hair with hair oils then brush through with a boar bristle brush for instant [hair] volume.

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