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Fight Fear

Fear is natural. Fear keeps us alive. Fear is a good thing, but

Fear is natural. Fear keeps us alive. Fear is a good thing, but you need to learn how to overcome fear when it is hindering you in life so you can take action and move forward.

Techniques to help get rid of the negatives:

You deserve freedom from fear. Sometimes you are programmed from a young age or something that has happened in the past and that stays in your mind. And that little thought starts making you question- What if this happens? …What if that happens? …What will this person think of me? …What will all those people think of me?

You have the potential to do things and you have to believe it!
1.​ ​Whenever you hear or feel that little voice in your head questioning your potential, I want you to think where that feeling is coming from (usually the head). Then I want you to grab where that feeling is
2.​ ​Then pull that feeling out with your hand and look at in your fist.
3.​ ​Next tell that fear to go away
4.​ ​Then throw it down
5.​ ​And stomp on it

You have to get rid of those self-defeating thoughts. Once you do, you will all of sudden you will find yourself having a stronger belief in yourself because you deserve it.

Another way is to start changing your body language associated to fear.
Fear is an emotional state. Emotion is created by motion. Maybe you have tension in your body; you’re looking down, hands clenched, quiet voice, etc when fearful. There is a physiology to the fear. Work on changing the way you hold yourself and you will see a change in mindset as well. How you represent things in your mind amplifies or intensifies certain emotions. Fear is just a pattern; it is just a state. You can change it and shift it. Immediately change your patterns when fearful. Think about how you act when confident and relaxed. Then when you are feeling fear and anxiety, straighten your posture, look up, relax your shoulders, speak up a little more; the body language will translate to your mind and will you help for more at ease tackling what you fear. Start by how you hold yourself, then works towards controlling your mind. Fear is emotional, so working on calming your emotions. Use fear as a push not a hinderance.

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