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Even if you’re Smaller

Look Taller

Look Taller
Even if you’re Smaller
There are some key ways to look taller if you are a petite person. Follow the tips below and add some new garments to your everyday wear to elongate and lengthen your petite frame.

Dolphin-Cut Shorts
Wear dolphin cut shorts and make sure to keep your waistline showing so you’re not swallowed by your shirt. Dolphin-cut shorts give the allusion of long, thin legs.

Nude Shoes
Look for a neutral or skin tone shoe to elongate your legs. Our advice for maximum height is to go for a little nude wedge. Wearing nude shoes/a colour similar to your skin colour is what to look for when shoe shopping. The nude colour extends from leg to foot so the line doesn’t stop at a halt at your ankle but extends and elongates.
**Pointed shoes are also helpful.

Size of Prints
A printed blouse is super cute; but when wearing prints if you are of a petite stature make sure to buy shirts with medium to small prints. If the florals or prints are too big on a blouse you will look extremely small in comparison. You don’t want the print to overwhelm and engulf you.​ ​

Make sure everything is well fitted. A blazer is great piece to have in your closet. A well cut blazer gives you a waist and covers your arms or can be rolled up for a sleek outfit. The key is to make sure your proportions look right and the tailoring is spot on.​ ​


Long Lines​ ​

Look effortlessly taller with stripes. Long and lean lines have the ability to elongate the silhouette. Add further height by pulling hair back to reveal the length of the neck, instantly adding a few more inches.

Go Monochromatic
Monochromatic dress with a slit is a wonderful choice for smaller bodied people. A slit gives an implied line of negative space and a monochromatic colour is powerful and doesn’t break up the body into different shapes.

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