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Your stiletto’s Guide To Happy Feet

Foot Loose

Your stiletto’s Guide To Happy Feet.

A Perfect Pedicure
Exfoliate feet in the shower with a foot file and push cuticles back with a washcloth. Dry off feet and clip nails straight across to prevent ingrown toenails. Buff nail beds for added shine. Slather feet with moisturizing lotion for baby soft feet.


Foot Exercise
Take pressure off the feet with a simple foot exercise. Remove shoes then point and flex feet for a full minute. Then rotate feet in clockwise motion and reverse in anti-clockwise motion. Shake feet to promote blood circulation.

Pamper Your Feet
Treat your feet to an Epsom salt soak. The warm water dilates the blood vessels and opens the skins pores while the mineral of magnesium and sulfate aids in building and repairing tissues. An instant pick me up for tired feet.

Deep Massage
A deep tissue massage improves blood flow, alleviates lymphatic drainage and alleviates pain. Walking barefoot on sand is believed to strengthen the feet. Try it to believe it.

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