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Hairstyles That Go With Every Face Shape

Those awesome Kiera Knightly bangs? Won’t work in your case!

Kendall Jenner center parts? Not for you, dear!

Those awesome Kiera Knightly bangs? Won’t work in your case!

“Not every hairstyle is meant for you. You need to have a specific face shape to suit the hair-do.”

There goes the smile from your face. Is it too much to ask to look and feel like your favorite celebrity? Why can’t you rock the Katniss Everdeen hair-do while others can? If you have been wondering what to do with your hair lately, the following are hairstyles that go with every face shape:

The Whimsical Bangs
Side sweep is the usual way to go. Because, they take way the emphasis from the tapered chin of heart shapes. And, they can add dimension to the rounds. And, they can curb the fines of a square face too…

Halle Berry, Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde – let them be your styling gurus.

Ah, but what about the long faces?
Err… Aye, blunt the bangs above the brows. You need to add width to a long face and this would do the trick.
Hannah Simone, we are looking at you—with awe!
Don’t listen to the detractors, for a little bit of styling with bangs can flatter every face shape.

The All Too Sensible Mediums
Neither they are long, nor short – they sit sensibly on your shoulders. Plus, you can wear them on a smart casual hangout or in the elegant of your stylish corporate self.
Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you have a long face, a square one or a round one.
For, the medium cut can make a long face look wider, especially if you flip it out.
As for the square face, add curls to a side sweep—sounds, time consuming, but it really isn’t. And, it actually does help to soften the sharp edges.
If you are looking to wear them with a round face, your focus should be on keeping them straight. This would make your round face appear stretched-we mean elongated!
Cough, cough… Milla Jovovich.

The Drooling Boho Layers
Mila Kunis is smiling, because she knows this was coming.
And, honestly, we could not miss it from the list either. Simply, because, boho layers set every face shape drooling. Anyone can try this hair-do.
The circles can flaunt the look by having the layers around the chin. You will get an elongated look.
If you already have a long face, then you need to trim your layers a bit higher – somewhere around the cheekbones. You look stunning dear!
Finally, for the square-faced Aphrodites, you need to start with the layers below the cheek. This will help you soften the strong and square of your jaw.
By the way, Nicole Richie loves it too.

, Los Angeles, CA Р1/17/2017 РSVEDKA Vodka’s 2nd Annual Broken Resolutions Bash in Los Angeles.
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Pixie for the Daring
Yes, it really doesn’t matter whether you have a long face, short face, square or oval – you just need to be daring, ala Jennifer Lawrence style, to wear this look. You will be going really short with your hairs and with varying trims depending on your face shape.
So, let’s say if you have got a round face. For that you will need to trim it in a way that brings height to a traditional pixie cut. These tall layered cuts will make your round face look longer and leaner. If it’s the long face with which you are trying to pull off the hair do, then a neat side swept with angled short bangs would just add to your already stunning looks. Contrast the edgy of the square face with a soft cut. As for a heart shaped face, again the side sweep but this time with longer bangs would be ideal.

Can’t Ignore the Bob, Ladies!
Men love it and for good reason.
They make you look ultra stylish and exhibit the confident you, because you can wear them comfortably irrespective of the face shape. Plus, you don’t have to go all short with them.
A bob cut can add dimension to square faces, if styled with a side parting. If you have a long face, you can curl the back and the sides to compliment the facial aesthetics.
Simply mold it the way you want it to and a bob never looks out of order. Just ask Victoria Beckham.

Which style suited you best? Please share with us below!


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