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Un Peu Français & A Little USA

Claim to Fame: French fashion model

Who: Camille Rowe

Claim to Fame: French fashion model

Cop her Style: Her closet consists of preppy, 70’s, Chinese, Bohemian, Country boldness. Paired with her loud patterns are classic French blouses and muted chic silhouettes.

Camille Rowe was born in Paris to a French father and American mother. Her fashion has been influenced by the two cultures creating an eclectic vintage blend that is Rowe’s persona.

At a young age her father supported her style ability by taking her shopping and introducing Rowe to bomber jackets, five oh-ones, boilers and more.

Her style has an American mix of bandanas and a true love for denim. Blue jeans and tee-shirt is one of Rowe’s constant go-tos.

Her style has been described as “effortlessly cool”. Camille Rowe either dresses borderline costume or classic plain vintage.

When asked, Rowe described her style as “cozy, cotton, and… old?”

It’s hard describing yourself, and putting a label on what makes you you is difficult when it’s authentic.

She has a southern heart but French instincts.

“I prioritize comfort over anything else” said Rowe in a recent interview with Vogue. Even though she loves comfort, she has an impeccable eye for fashion with iconic retro pieces dancing in her wardrobe.

What is her best accessory though? Her snort when she laughs that aids in the fact that her easy-going confidence is what makes the clothes come alive. Rowe is her.

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