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Exercise for pregnant women

Is it safe to exercise while pregnant? The answer is yes, but there are some very important steps to

Is it safe to exercise while pregnant? The answer is yes, but there are some very important steps to follow when pregnant to ensure safety for you and your child. Follow the 5 steps below if you are pregnant and want to be active.​ ​

Beautiful pregnant woman doing pilates isolated on white background

1.)​ ​Check with the Doc
Make sure, in your condition, that your doctor gives you the thumbs up to exercise while with child. If you never exercised before becoming pregnant or if you have any health conditions, it may be best to lay low for 9 months. Listen to your doctor’s orders before proceeding.​ ​

2.)​ ​EAT More
Eat more calories. Now, there is another human being that requires nourishment from you. By working out, you are burning more calories, which means you need to be eating more calories, and not just for you but the child growing inside you.


3.)​ ​Drink lots of Water
Stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause contractions or overheat your body which is not good for the little one. Make sure to always have a water bottle on hand and drink throughout the exercise and throughout the day.

Happy pregnant women in yoga class lying on mats in a fitness studio

4.)​ ​Avoid Injury
Don’t over exert yourself and don’t try something dangerous you have never done before being pregnant. This is not the time to try to lose as much weight as possible, but it is a time to be healthy. Be healthy in the sense, that you new unborn child comes first and their needs are more important than yours right now. Think about health, not image. If you feel over-worked, stop and take a break or a few days off. Listen to what your body is telling you. If you were a work-out fiend before becoming pregnant, than exercising might put you and the baby at ease and stopping exercise completely could be harmful. Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different.​ ​

Pregnant woman practicing in the park

5.)​ ​Warm Up
Get your body and your baby a heads up that you are about to be doing physical fitness. Get your heart-rate up with a few jumping jacks and dynamic stretches before going straight into a workout. It is important to prepare your body and foreshadow what is to come so your muscles are relaxed and ready.

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