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Stamp, Chop, Confirm

Take your art to a greater plane with nail stamping

Take your art to a greater plane with nail stamping

Nail it in eight easy moves.

1.​ ​When you are new to nail stamping, make it easy and just do an accent nail.

2.​ ​Mix and match abstract stamps on each nail. Turn the stamper in different ways on each nail to create a unique look. Tip: mistakes are much less noticeable when each nail is different.

3.​ ​Elevate your manicure by stamping multiple colours of the same stamp on each nail for a layered effect.

4.​ ​When reverse stamping, colour in the image right on the stamper. Let dry then apply a bit of top coat to your painted nail before stamping the colored-in image on your nail before sealing in with top coat.

5.​ ​Look for a good stamping polish – use polishes that will cover the nail with just one coat. To stand out better, opt for metallic polishes.

6.​ ​Clean the stamping image before and after each use with pure acetone to remove every bit of old polish out, ensuring a crisp image.

7.​ ​Push nail straight into the image instead of rolling it over the nail.

8.​ ​Use a piece of packing tape to pick up all leftover polish, this way it cleans without damage.

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