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Forever Young

Age is just a number if you know how to age-proof your face.

Age is just a number if you know how to age-proof your face.

Immortality might still be out of our grasp for now but hanging on to the coattail of youth is within easy reach. We break down the science of looking forever 25.

Keep skin freshly scrubbed skin for a supple complexion. Gentle exfoliation speeds up cell renewal. Ensure that skin is sufficiently hydrated for a glowing finish. Prep skin with primer ahead of applying foundation or powder for a smoother finish, as well as, long lasting hold.

Apply a small amount of foundation under concealer to cover dark circles. Prep eyelids with primer before applying the eye shadow to even out skin tone and lock in the colour. Line upper lashes with a soft pencil – line close to the lashes for a bright-eye finish – and finish off with an upward flick at the outer corners of the eyes. Highlight brow bone for a further lift to the eyes.

Natural, lit-from-within glow can be easily recreated by applying a creamy colour to the apple of each cheek. Move in circular motion with fingers until it looks like a healthy flush.

Know that dark colours have a tendency to age. Brights, on the other hand are known to add a lift. Natural pinks that mimic the colour of your lips are failsafe bets. Add a touch of shimmer on the top for a fuller look.

Keep out frown lines with some bangs. It also draws attention to the windows of your soul. You can even skip mascara if you like.

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