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Cut back on washing your hair. Only wash your hair one or

Cut back on washing your hair. Only wash your hair one or two times a week to let it produce natural oils and breathe.

When you’re washing your hair, just shampoo the roots, condition the ends, and rinse with cold water.

Moisturize/deep condition hair overnight in coconut oil or argon oil on the nights before washing your hair the next day.

Get a natural bristle brush to redistribute those natural oils. The oils are produces at your roots and you need to make sure they are also fortifying your ends.

Cut back on trims and haircuts if you want your hair to grow. Trimming the dead ends is great but after that cool it with the trims.

Cut out heat styling. Let your hair air dry when it can and try other techniques like no-heat curls. Just try to cut back on the heat styling to keep your hair strong and healthy. However if you do use a flat iron or curler always use heat protectant.

Cut back on all the products. Do you know what’s in all those hair products you use? All of those added chemicals may make your hair look good in the short run, but it is not helping in the long run.

Do not rip through tangles and knots. Be gentle and brush dry hair. Wet hair is more sensitive and prone to breakage.

A healthy diet always helps with healthy hair and skin. Drinking lots of water and coconut water for long strong hair.

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