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Still Looking For Mr. Right?

When you are 30 and still single, more than half the people in your surrounding will be asking you why

When you are 30 and still single, more than half the people in your surrounding will be asking you why you are still alone. It is as though you have crossed that line and not supposed to be unattached or at least be dating someone. Your world is blissful until someone has to have that audacity to pop that question especially when you are with your mum.

It’s none of their business and there must be at least a million topics to choose from for small talks, but it has always to be “Why aren’t you dating someone?” Why do people always have to try to dump you into someone’s lap and frustrate you with a topic that is already disturbing; and I’m pretty sure it affects more than just some women.

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Every woman has a story that only she knows best. Indeed, dating can be a real pain and as women, we understand all too well. The anxieties, confusions and frustrations that come with it can be exhausting for some. Then again, some do get lucky. So why do you think some got lucky and some don’t? The most common reason would have to be, “I’m not meeting quality men”.

Not having quality men to date?? Do you really think that’s true? The idea that there aren’t any quality men is a myth. And … don’t go falling for men who are already taken. A married man who will still flirt and cheat with you is definitely no quality.

There are millions of single men out there and many are making a name for themselves if not already being very successful in their ownrights and …. you only need One.

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Then you would say, “But most of the good ones are already taken”. Well, that may be true, but you see … “Most is not ALL”and don’t you know that while you are feeling lonely and wishing for Mr. Right to come by, ‘Mr. Right’ may just as well also be looking for you right now.

Here are two simple yet solid suggestions that will immediately improve your experience with men.

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To begin with, KNOW what you want and must have ….and make sure that it’s the woman in you doing the picking and not the 18-year-old who still expects all kinds of ‘Quality’ that don’t matter and wouldn’t make you happy anyway.

Forgo the idea of perfection and be ready to attract a REAL man to your life.He doesn’t need to be flawless to give you a life.

If you have to, write down a list of qualities, values, and mannerism that attract you or that you would expect in a man with whom you’ll spend time and then review your list and sincerely ask yourself, “Does this man exist? Are these qualities that I’m looking for, directly related to a man’s ability to make me happy? Are these truly requirements? Are they so important that I should be dismissing everyone who does not possess those qualities?”

If you are serious about finding a life partner or at least a man to have some fun with, letting go of the idea that there are no good single men is a first critical step.

Next, turning your ‘Must Have’ into ‘Good to Have’ would almost certainly fill your world with many fine single men. Happy dating.

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