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Baby, I Got You

Mark your newborn’s first milestone with a party he won’t forget. Throw him the

Mark your newborn’s first milestone with a party he won’t forget. Throw him the best baby shower ever!

Set The Theme
Babies just wanna have fun so make sure the theme reflects just that. Carnivals are magical, limited only by your own imagination. Every kid (and parent) in the house will easily have a great time

You Are Invited!
Get the theme going right from the look and feel of the invites. Let guests know what they’ll be in for to have them looking forward. Be explicitly clear with vital information such as venue, date and time.

It’s A Setup
You could paint the town with over-the-top decorations or mimic the theme with simple props, depending on the budget. Hard pressed for time? Try a coloured theme that’s gender specific. Works like a charm.

Extra, Extra
Ran out of chairs for the guests? Put throw cushions and ottomans to good use. Make like a cosy setup and fill them in between the gaps. Now everyone gets a seat.

Call In Favours
Personalised party treats are a crowd pleaser. DIY yours – from drinking straws to napkins to matchboxes. All you really need are block letter stamps and some magic pens and viola!

Candy Empire
No baby shower is complete without candies. Colour code them for maximum impact.

In The Middle
Missing a centerpiece? Pile every single gift in the middle of the room and you’ll have a spectacular one. Let the guests pitch in, leaving them to decide where an how to place their gift.

Eat, Drink, Love
Options are a must when it comes to shower delights since guests may have dietary restrictions. Keep each treat small and nifty for easy consumption. Beverages should come spiked (read: alcohol) and non-spiked.


Let The Games Begin
The successful party has the best games. Keep games easy to play so everyone can join in. Don’t be afraid to rehash games, as long as everyone has a barrel of laughs.

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