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First Time Mum

Breastfeeding, Nursing, Motherhood, First Time Mum, Soothing, Taking the Baby Outside, Care for Your Baby, Tips to Help Take Care of Your Baby

Breastfeeding, Nursing, Motherhood, First Time Mum, Soothing, Taking the Baby Outside, Care for Your Baby, Tips to Help Take Care of Your Baby

Having your first baby and worried about how best to take care of the child?

Having a baby can be a magical experience for most parents. While you stand in awe looking at the tiny bundle of joy that you have made, you also begin worrying.
Will I be able to take care of the baby?
How do I know when the child is hungry?
Is the baby getting too much sleep?
How do I get enough sleep?

Asian mother holding newborn baby in hospital bed

Questions like these will be swirling in your mind and as you get closer to having the baby, new questions will take their place!

You are not alone. Many before you have probably had the same good share of uncertainties and came through as happy mothers all the same. Let us share some insights and hopefully these will set your mind at peace and contribute to helping you become a happy First-Time-Mum.

One thing that you need to know about babies is that they love to sleep and they need to be fed. Of course their diet at this stage would consist solely of milk. The good news is that you might just be fully equipped with the diet that the baby needs conveniently in your breasts. That said, breastfeeding can be a tad bit testing initially, but you’ll be rewarded by an explainable sense of joy when the child starts feeding. You may have heard from others about sore nipples and even how frustrating it is to have the baby latch on and so forth and feeling weary and discouraged, but rest assured that mother nature would not have had it designed such if it wasn’t right.

A study involving 20 mothers of preterm infants describes the following rewards and efforts of breastfeeding — “Knowing they were providing the healthiest nutrition for the infant, enhancing closeness between the mother and infant, perceiving infant contentment and tranquility during breastfeeding, providing convenience for the mother, and giving the mother a tangible claim on the infant.” Most mothers identified some “efforts” associated with breastfeeding their preterm infants, but indicated that overall, breastfeeding was a rewarding experience.
Should you anticipate difficulty in nursing your child, there is nothing wrong with seeking help. Help will be available to you right from the beginning in the form of the nurse who delivers your child. Ask for advice. Discuss with your baby’s pediatrician. You can also talk to friends with experience or hire the services of a lactation consultant. When it is time for your child to eventually begin using the bottle, the best way is to bring the bottle into the picture as soon as you begin breastfeeding successfully. Ideally, this should be done before your baby turns 3-months old.

This is another important part of having a baby. You should understand that babies cry. They will cry when they are hungry. They will cry when they are in pain or feeling uncomfortable. They will cry if they are sleepy.
When your baby cries, a good idea is to make her feel as if she is still inside the womb. This can often soothe fussy infants. In order to make your baby feel comforted, hold the baby resting upright against your body and make shushing noises while patting the back of the child very lightly. You can also put on white noise. It calms some babies because the white noise mimics the sound they were used to when inside the womb. The absence of the sound can be a bit discomforting for them, which is sometimes why they cry as well.
Lastly, this method will work for babies whose umbilical cord stub has fallen off. If nothing else is working and your baby isn’t hungry, sick, or sleepy, then a good soak might help. Try taking a warm bath together. It will calm both you and the baby, which very often causes the baby to fall asleep soon afterwards, allowing you space to do other things or even rest while the child is asleep.

Taking the Baby Out
First things first, take your baby out to places where they are welcome. Parks and bookstores are two such examples. You’ll find that you need the outing just as much.
Pack extras for the baby, and for yourself too. Accidents happen and you won’t want to be stuck in poo or pee covered clothes all day long. So, it makes good sense to pack extra for yourself as well.

Becoming a mother for the first time can seem overwhelming, but many will tell you that the rewards will outweigh efforts. You will soon find out and able to confirm for yourself that all those disturbing concerns that are racking your mind, are groundless. The real joys of being a Mom will be gradually unfolded to your amazement as you become more hands-on.

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