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How to Have the Best Sex Ever!

We’re pretty sure that if we were to ask all of you, our readers, how many of you struggle in their sex lives, we would

We’re pretty sure that if we were to ask all of you, our readers, how many of you struggle in their sex lives, we would come up with a pretty hefty number. As it is, we don’t really have to because various dedicated scientists and experts already did that research for us.

Low sexual desire or inability to attain sexual satisfaction is more prevalent than you would have thought. According to countless scientific studies, more than 30 percent of sexually active women have trouble reaching a climax. 67 percent of North American women have reported problems related to low sexual desire and more than 80 percent of us have some sort of difficulty in reaching our end goal solely through vaginal intercourse.

Let’s take it a step further: the analysis of those countless studies concludes that approximately 5 percent of women are unable to reach an orgasm, ever.

Astonishing isn’t it? That something that makes a woman so conscious is in fact so common.

If you’re not sexually satisfied in your relationship, that is okay – as you just read, you really aren’t alone.

Low sexual desire is either caused by underlying medical conditions, or a variety of psychological problems. They are explained as follows:
Medical Causes:
•​ ​Alcoholism
•​ ​Drug addiction
•​ ​Clinical depression
•​ ​Anemia or severe iron deficiency
•​ ​Diabetes
•​ ​Post-partum loss of libido
•​ ​Hormonal imbalance or abnormalities
•​ ​Anesthetic or sedative prescription medication

Psychological Causes:
•​ ​Anxiety
•​ ​Work related stress
•​ ​PTSD from childhood experiences, or past sexual abuse
•​ ​Relationship instabilities
•​ ​Latent lesbian tendency
•​ ​Unfavorable living conditions

According to expert medical advice, it is recommended that women who experience low sexual desire or inability to attain sexual satisfaction seek professional help by visiting a General Physician.

A detailed discussion with your primary care physician will allow him to identify and correctly diagnose the root cause of your issue by looking for related signs and symptoms for other underlying conditions, reviewing your overall health, and recommending the necessary tests, examinations, or medications.

If need be, your GP will refer you to a Sexologist, or a medical doctor that specializes in sexual disorders for additional investigation. In case your condition is found to be psychological, instead of systemic, your physician will further refer you to a therapist to explore the personal, cultural, or societal factors that affect your libido.

If there is no medical or psychological ailment that plagues you, the chances of you being able to change things around to have the best sex of your life ever are actually pretty high. Continue reading to know how.

A Lifestyle Guide on How to Achieve Higher Success between the Sheets

Accept Yourself
One of the first things that women have to do in order to do better between the sheets is to accept ourselves. There’s absolutely no need to be ashamed, discouraged, or self-conscious about wanting to spice up your sex life. Because really, frequent and satisfying sex has so many health benefits you don’t even know about. Just hit Google search and we can guarantee you’ll come up with millions of hits in no time. So ladies, here’s a disclaimer for life: LEAVE BEHIND FEELING OF SEXUAL INADEQUECY.

Be kind to yourself, show some compassion. Be accepting and gentle towards yourself regardless of what you believe might be your imperfections, or failure.

Not satisfied in bed, own up to it and change it. Your partner can only do so much to ensure your sexual satisfaction. It’s your body, you have to take charge. Of course having tons of help doesn’t hurt any, but really without your input and will, nothing that’s different is going to happen. Trust us.

Create Variety
Haven’t you ladies heard that variety is the spice of life? Well, whoever said that was really very intelligent – because it couldn’t possibly be any truer. You want to achieve a better success rate between the sheets, do things differently. The element of surprise and spontaneity does wonders to a woman’s libido. Take a step out of your comfort zone and prepare to be swept off your feet (we meant it figuratively, but heck literally works perfectly well, too).

Indulge Yourself
And by indulge yourself, we really do mean indulge yourself – if you get our drift. It’s your body, get to know it better. Take the time to experiment and learn what you like and dislike on your own. If you don’t know what turns you on, how can you expect yourself to guide your partner?

Use Toys
Technically this falls under the category of trying new things, but this is so important a step we felt it deserved its own spot. See the thing is, scientific research suggests that women need more than just vaginal penetration to achieve their pinnacle of sexual satisfaction. Which basically means that there needs to be added interest in your action. Toys bring just the right amount of interest to mix things up. Incorporate toys in your private time and you’re likely to feel higher levels of arousal and desire.

Catch Up on Those Zzz’s
Another very important factor that considerably influences the outcome of your time between the sheets is the amount of sleep you get on a regular basis. If you’re perpetually tired, skipping out on actual sleep time in favor of more work, your body will essentially create a sleep back-log diminishing all your responses. This directly translates to your bedroom activities. If you’re tired, you are really unlikely to put in any sort of effort in or really show any interest either. Sleep well and you’ll actively notice a change in your libido.

Set the Mood
Ladies, it’s time to get flirty. Sext, use music, light up those candles and turn up the charm a few notches – essentially, we’re asking you to set the mood. While all the ploys of seduction are usually for your partners benefit, especially if you’re making all the effort, it’s been found that they have as much of a powerful effect on the person setting the mood as the one they’re doing it for. So go all out. Whatever gets you going, chances are you partner will only appreciate it. Not only will this effort bring you closer as a couple, it will definitely leave you satisfied, after.

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