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How to Stay in Love

Phases of Love …

Phases of Love:
1. Crush
2. Butterflies
3. Young Love
4. Couple
5. Fiancé
6. Newly Weds
7. Honeymoon phase
8. Comfortable

Everyone wants to stay in the honeymoon stage forever but after reaching the comfort stage you can plateau. Can you go back or only forward?

You can’t really go back and honestly, deep down you really don’t want to. There is greatness in knowing so much about one person and letting them see all of you with no fear or judgment. There are ways to keep the spark alive though and throw in some excitement into your monotone love.

Throw some Fun in the Mix!

Fun Adventure
A fun adventure is always a great way to experience as a couple and get you out of the house. Usually couples stay inside constantly or only go somewhere different for dinner but never for on an adventure. It’s time to get up off you lazy bum and experience something new!
-Random Flight
-Take a day off from work and head to the beach

When you reach a level of extreme comfort, you tend to know what every day is going to be like and you live in a repetitive routine. A random floor dinner by candle light or a gift for your significant other will definitely make you appreciate each other more.

Mix it up in the Boudoir
You now have a go-to sex style and positions in a certain order, or lack of positions. Find something online or try mimicking a porno for something crazy and different. You might love it or you might not, but you will bond through the process. Give it a try!

Use Other Senses
Your love is now based on listening to each other, touch, and visual. Try taking away a sense to heighten the others. Maybe feed each other blind folded or give each other massages in the dark.

Young people drinking beer outdoors

Try a New Hobby Together
A hobby that you are both involved in will bring you so much closer. You will also have something else to talk about besides food, family, and bills. Let’s be honest those conversations aren’t that thrilling.
-Laser Tag
-Horror movie marathons

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