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Five morning rituals that successful women live by

First Dibs…

First Dibs
Drink Up
Before you get out of bed, yes, before, gulp down half to a liter of water. The water acts to cleanse the system according to the principles of ayurveda. To really fire up the metabolism, have a tall glass of warm honey lemon water thereafter.

Take advantage of the peace and quiet in the morning by incorporating a meditative practice. Sit in a cross-legged position or on a chair, close your eyes gently and breathe in and out with awareness. Push away incoming thoughts while concentrating on the breath. A daily practice of ten minutes promises to keep stress at bay.

Where will you find CEOs first thing in the mornings? At the gym or on a yoga mat. Exercise gets the juices flowing throughout the body and wakes up the mind. Sweating it out not only gives the complexion an illustrious glow, it also rids the body of toxin buildup from the day before.

‘Me’ Time
Take time to look after yourself. Set up an indulgent morning ritual such as dry brushing, having a warm mug of hot chocolate or taking time to doll up, do something that makes you feel utterly pampered. Now that you’ve taken care of you, then you’ll have the means to take on the rest of the world.

Check Your Schedule
Turn on your email, look through your to-do list, delegate accordingly. Once you’ve wrapped your mind around what to expect for the rest of the day, you’re mentally prepared for what’s ahead.

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