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To gel or not to gel, that is the question…

To gel or not to gel, that is the question!

Gel varnish is possibly the best invention since long lasting makeup. They come on in a jiffy. They are virtually indestructible. And best part is you can count on it to last and last. Based on the above evidence then, is there anything not to love about gel varnish? As with all good, there are some pitfalls we should be aware off. So before you schedule the next gel appointment, know exactly what you’re signing up for.

1.​ ​The thick coat of polish blocks oxygen from getting to the nail beds and cuticle causing nails to weaken.

2.​ ​Scraping and buffing the nail plate in preparation for gel varnish thins out the nail bed. It is vital to hydrate hands and cuticles with a thick cream after a gel session.

3.​ ​As the gel varnish weakens over the cause of time, it may lift off the nail bed, making it a good place to harbour bacteria, leading to fungus.

4.​ ​The UV light radiation from gel manicure has been linked to cancer though some experts say the risk is slim. One thing for sure, is the strength of the lamps is not regulated so the risk varies from salon to salon. LED options are now available to reduce cancer risk.

5.​ ​The UV light has also been linked to causing premature ageing on hands, causing dark spots to appear on the back of hands. Slather on thick lotion to lessen the ill effects.

6.​ ​During removal, soaking hands in acetone foil wraps causes hands to become dehydrated and there is also a chance for acetone to enter into the bloodstream. Remember to rinse off every trace of acetone after each session.

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