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How do say no to someone who likes you? No one wants to…

How do say no to someone who likes you? No one wants to ruin someone’s day or year by having to break the news you don’t like them back, so we have some good ways to tell someone the truth but not in a brutal and embarrassing way.

If you met a guy once
If you met a man once and now he is pursing you hardcore and you don’t feel the same way, then you need to make sure and let him know ASAP. The key to this is to not let it drag out so he thinks he has a chance. Start replying less to none. Tell him you are not interested but hope he finds someone awesome. The longer he pines over you the worse it will be. You can also send him a farewell message that says “All the best with your future endeavors” as a nice way to say bye.

If a friend is in love with you
This one is tricky. You have to be very careful f you don’t want to lose a friendship. If you find out your friend is in love with you and you but don’t feel the same then you need to tell them. Say, “I think you are amazing but I love you as a friend and don’t want to lose this friendship but if you need space I understand.” Be respectful of how they feel. It is so much harder to be the one in love so try to keep that in mind. Also tell them that you see them as your brother.

If a coworker likes you
If a coworker likes you and you don’t like them, then make sure and always keep it first and foremost professional. Especially if they are higher ranking in the company then you, they could use it as a power play to control your fate. You do not want to be on anyone’s bad side at work, so clearly state, “I have a rule that I don’t date coworkers.” And if they are really pestering you then you can always say you have a boyfriend if you feel they are way too pushy. Keep your distance and only talk about work until they are over pursuing you. If he is the type to just enjoy the forbiddenness of office play then be clear and upfront. Also tell someone else you trust so they can back you up in case it gets out of control.

If someone else’s boyfriend/husband likes you
If someone else’s boyfriend likes you and you don’t like them then let the boyfriend know. If he keeps trying to get with you then tell his girlfriend that he is making you uncomfortable.

If someone’s husband likes you then tell them you are not a home-wrecker and avoid that guy completely. He needs to focus on his family. You do not want to be anywhere near that situation, it is a danger zone.

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