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Quick Response (QR) payments Launched today by Visa and Top 5 banks in Cambodia

Visa, the world’s leader in digital payment, has partnered with ABA Bank, ACLEDA Bank, AEON Specialized Bank (Cambodia) PLC., Canadia Bank and FTB

Visa, the world’s leader in digital payment, has partnered with ABA Bank, ACLEDA Bank, AEON Specialized Bank (Cambodia) PLC., Canadia Bank and FTB Bank, to launch Quick Response (QR) payments in Cambodia, allowing consumers to use their mobile phones to scan to pay with Visa.

QR payments will provide consumers with a brand-new payment experience that is secure, convenient and fast. Consumers can simply set up QR payments by downloading their bank’s app and securely linking their Visa debit, credit or prepaid account.


Once activated, consumers use their mobile device to scan a QR code to pay with Visa initiating a transfer of funds from their account to the retailer’s account.

Monika Chum, Country Manager Visa Cambodia, said: “We congratulate ABA Bank, ACLEDA Bank, AEON Specialized Bank (Cambodia) PLC, Canadia Bank and FTB Bank on the launch of QR payments which is an important milestone in the evolution of digital payments in Cambodia. Utilising mobile phones and QR code technology provides a cost effective way for businesses to start accepting electronic payments and for consumers to make digital payments instead of relying on cash.”

All QR transactions with Visa are processed via Visa’s global network, VisaNet, applying the scale, security and reliability of Visa to QR payments. Cambodia joins a growing list of countries across the region where QR payments have been implemented including Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and India.
“We’re confident that being able to scan to pay with Visa is going to accelerate the shift from cash to electronic payments and help to drive financial inclusion across the country,” added Monika.

“We are excited to successfully launch QR-based cashless payments with Visa today. Scan to pay with Visa becomes handy for ABA customers, enabling them to pay for purchases using a smartphone, even if they do not have cash or a bank card. It is also beneficial for small businesses in Cambodia, since rolling out this payment option doesn’t require extra costs. As a whole, a QR-payment solution greatly helps to accelerate the country’s transition to a cashless society,” said Askhat Azhikhanov, CEO of ABA Bank.

“ACLEDA Bank Plc., The Bank You Can Trust, the Bank for the People, is delighted to announce the expansion of ACLEDA ToanChet to enable digital QR payment with Visa, providing a faster and more convenient cashless payment experience for ACLEDA Bank Plc.’s customers. They can use ACLEDA Unity ToanChet to make QR payments at merchants by using their mobile phone to “Scan to Pay” with Visa. This new innovation will provide tremendous benefit and a better experience to our customers and public as a whole.” said Dr. IN Channy, President & Group Managing Director of ACLEDA Bank Plc.

“Furthermore, this mobile application will also allow customers to make payments at merchants using Visa’s QR payment solution to Scan to Pay with Visa. We expect this innovation will provide a great experience to our customers, enabling them to pay for goods and services without cash or card. Visa’s QR payment solution will also help merchants nationwide to grow their businesses providing a cost effective acceptance solution and minimizing risk,” said Mr. Taketo Ando, Managing Director, AEON Specialized Bank (Cambodia) PLC.

“Canadia Bank recognizes the importance and value of digital payment options for our customers, as well as the important role digital payments has in a growing and increasingly digitally interconnected economy. Our longstanding partnership with Visa has allowed us to provide the best service and payment solutions to our customers. With the launch of Visa Scan to Pay, Canadia Bank will offer a secure, convenient and easy to use digital payment solution that will help our retail partners and SME customers better serve their customers, grow their customer base, and at the same time reduce operating expenses.” said Raymond Sia, CEO of Canadia Bank.


“FTB is pleased to announce the successful QR payment implementation today. QR payment is a convenient payment method which has been well adapted in other markets. Equipped with QR capabilities, MohaBot offers robust functionalities enabling FTB’s clients to easily manage and control spending records with exciting experience while keeping security at check. They can also do Visa money transfer from FTB’s proprietary/Visa card to other banks’ Visa cards. Visa cardholders can also perform cash-in/out at FTB’s branches/merchants using QR code. said H.E Gui Anvanith, FTB’s General Manager and Board Member.

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