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How to Ensure your Hormones are in Balance

Balance is key to feeling good on the inside and out. Women experience a…

Balance is key to feeling good on the inside and out. Women experience a wide range of emotions, fatigue, weight gain, weight loss, depression, acne, and hair loss all connected to hormones. It is important to have your hormones in balance, such as estrogen and insulin, so you feel great all around and can be proud to be a woman.

7 ways to keep your hormones in balance:

Sleeping, Women, Bed.

1.​ ​Get lots of sleep
Lack of sleep can do so much damage to your body and throw off your hormones. Hormones work on a schedule so it is important to not keep your body always guessing and exhausted. It is suggested that 10pm to 2am is prime sleeping time to have your body functioning at it’s best.

2.​ ​Get Rid of Bad Chemicals
We tend to think about what food is going into our bodies but what about cleaning and hygiene products? Toxins and hazardous chemicals can seep in to your pores through means of shampoo, detergent, dish soap, bath wash, soap, etc. Know what ingredients are in your products for beauty and hygiene so you are not affecting your body’s balance through harmful chemicals.

3.​ ​Eat Healthy Fats
Coconut and avocados are the good kind of fat you want. There’s the stigma that you don’t want fat but your body actually needs fat to help regulate your body. Good fat is great for your hormone production and can actually help you lose weight!

4.​ ​Don’t Overdose on Caffeine
I love a good cup of joe in the morning, who doesn’t? But too much coffee will create an unbalance. Coffee raises cortisol levels and lowers your thyroid hormone levels. Coffee can also affect your sleep. A cup of coffee is fine, but be aware of how much and try to avoid drinking any coffee past 2pm.

5.​ ​Back off birth control pills
Birth Control pills are not natural, they are helpful, but they are not natural. A lot of women are also not allowing themselves a period while on birth control, which can seriously confuse and mess up your natural hormone balance. It is important to write down or use an app on your phone to know when you are ovulating and when you are on your period. Also take notes on your symptoms each month. If your period is severely irregular you should contact your doctor.

6.​ ​Exercise
Everyone knows exercise is good for your health. Exercise keeps you balanced and reduces stress! You do not need to be a fitness fiend, but set a goal of working out 3 times a week for half an hour and gradually increase more and more.

7.​ ​Eat Real Food
AVOID processed foods! Keep it real yo. Fruits, veggies, and meats are great! Stay away from cereals loaded with sugar, candy, chips, artificial seasonings, pre-packaged food, fried food, etc. Your body will function better with natural ingredients. Not to mention, your energy will be up, you will be slimmer and have clearer skin.

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