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Lips are a seductive part of the body, but what do men think when a…

Lips are a seductive part of the body, but what do men think when a lady wears lipstick? Women love looking sexy for the guy they are trying to impress, but does the man even notice? And what turns a guy on about a girl’s lips? We interviewed the handsome Zeke, also known as Sir Tobbes, what he thinks on the subject.

What do you think when a lady wears lipstick?
I think guys a lot of time don’t pick up that a girl is wearing a lot of makeup. I don’t know. It would have to be a pretty bold color for me to notice it. But sometimes I think she’s a classier lady, especially if she has a whole ensemble. It can be a bit intimidating.

Do you like it when a lady wears lipstick on occasion, never, or always?
On occasion.

Do you hesitate to kiss someone when they are wearing lipstick?
No, not at all.

What goes through your mind when you kiss a girl with lipstick?
I don’t usually notice it.

Do you mind getting it on you?
I want it on me. I want to walk around with her lips on my cheeks. I think that’s cute.​ ​

If a girl is wearing an unusual color lipstick like orange or green, what do you think?
Uhmm I don’t know. I think she’s outgoing. I’ve never seen green before.

Very rarely do I like a girl with black.

Do you ever look at a girl’s lips on purpose to let her know you want to kiss her?
Yeah, that’s where your eyes wonder right before. Then you look in each other’s eyes and then at each other’s lips. Sometimes you don’t notice you’re doing it but you definitely look at her lips. Most of the time that’s what you do before kissing.

Would you ever not kiss a girl because of what her lips look like?
Not yet.

What if her teeth are jagged or something?
Braces put me off a bit.

What do you think about ladies with a big gap in their teeth?
I love the gap. Some of my friends hate it, but I love a gap there. I don’t know what it is but I love it. Sexy.

Do you think it’s attractive when a girl bites your lips when kissing?
Rarely, if she nibbles it a bit then it’s nice, but not every single kiss. If it’s every single one then it’s frustrating. It kind of goes along with the girl who sticks her tongue all the way down your mouth or something like that.

What would you consider the worse kiss?
The worse kiss I have ever had was one where she would just leave her lips open and then start stabbing me with her tongue. Then you have to adjust to that and you don’t want to say anything.

Are you turned off or do you keep trying?
Very turned off. You try it for a while and give it a few goes until you give up. Then you wonder if they will think you are the bad kisser. It is not cool if they are the actual bad kisser but they think I am. Sometimes I wait to see if I have confirmation from girls that I’m a good kisser.

Verbal confirmation or groaning?
Verbal confirmation. And if she’s a good kisser than I will tell her she is too.

What are the best kissing tips?
Start off slow, start off light, and then work your way harder and harder. You have to be willing to adjust to their kissing style. You adjust and then meet each other half way.

Do you ever think it is bad if the girl goes in for the kiss first?
No, definitely not. I love it.

Do you usually go in first?
It’s a pretty big risk so I usually look for a sign that’s she’s ready and I’m ready.

Do you ever kiss a girl after a blow job?
Yeah, definitely after. I expect a girl to kiss me after I go down on her so I want her to do the same. I think it’s romantic.

Will you use a girl’s tooth brush after going down on her?
I would ask first and if she asked to use mine, than that’s fine too.

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