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We interviewed a dapper man living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and asked…

We interviewed a dapper man living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and asked him some questions to get a male’s perspective on topics women are curious to know. Warning: You may not like what you hear.

When do you think of a girl as clingy?
I never think a girl is too clingy; I love it when a girl won’t leave me alone and texts me 50 times a day to know where I am and what I am doing, keep it up girls, and you are great. *sarcasm*

How do you want a girl to show she is interested in you without seeming to clinging or being the lead role in the relationship?
Take her clothes off and get jiggy as much as possible and then leave very soon after, and come back with coffee and doughnuts, or pizza, that is the perfect way to a man’s heart.

What is something that a female has/could say that would piss you off in the bedroom?
Did you put it in yet?

When can you start sexting? And who should initiate it?
Immediately, and it should probably be your girls hotter sister that starts it off.

What if a girl starts liking you too much, what do you do?
This is a toughie, a friend of mine kept begging for golden showers and that seemed to turn the girl off very quickly. I think I might try that.

What are ways you flirt with a girl at a bar?
Best way to flirt with a girl at a bar is to go up and actually fart really really close to her, and then accuse her of it, perfect nugatory statement. Uggh that’s gross.

If you have sex on the first night does it mean that you have already won the “prize”?
Yes completely, especially if it’s anal, then you know that she is doing everyone.

Would you rather date a slut or a prude? And why?
Slut is a stupid word, I’d rather date a girl that fucked like a champion, because why not, better than being prudish in the sack.

What little intimate things do you do for your woman in the bedroom that is endearingly intimate?
I like to lick her underarms and then use her toenails to scratch my nuts. *sarcasm*

Would you go for a girl if you knew your mate was into her?
No that’s a deal breaker, ha ha, hell ye, why not, it’s all a game, but seriously, if my mate was into her, and I was into her, well then its best man wins.

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