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Temptations of A Married Woman

Marriages are made in heaven or at least that is the popular belief. But, some married women don’t

Marriages are made in heaven or at least that is the popular belief. But, some married women don’t warm up to that idea so quickly and are often tempted to seek an intimate relationship outside of marriage. Guilty of that? Here’s how you can curb your temptations and avoid getting into an intimate relationship with someone other than your Hubby!

Since childhood, we’ve been made to believe—and this is especially true for women, that only one ‘right’ partner exists for us and when we find him, we are complete—forever. This is far from the truth but, most people realize this only after entering marriage and by that time, the only way out is—yes, you guessed it right: cheat. No matter how you put it, cheating is never right—whether it is done in an examination, at work, or in a relationship. So, how can you curb your temptations and avoid cheating your spouse? Let’s find out!

Know Your Temptations
You can curb your temptations only if you’re aware of them. No two married women are the same and as such, there is no set ‘list’ of temptations for married women. But, there are some things that women in general, and married women in particular, are tempted by and top of that list is—sexual intimacy.

The Temptation of Sexual Intimacy
Why do most people enter into marriage? Though this ‘want’ may wither away over time, most people enter marriage for one BIG reason—experiencing sexual intimacy whenever they can and this is especially true for women. Many women curb their sexual temptations before marriage to save their virginity and sexual intimacy for that ‘someone special’. And, when they do find that ‘someone special’, they want to give him all the love and sex in the world, expecting the same in return.
But, men are built differently. They are from Mars while women come from Venus. So, don’t expect your hubby to show the same level of sexual affection as you. Start accepting the reality that your husband won’t be as sexually intimate or active in marriage as you and when you do that, you’ll become less vulnerable to infidelity.

The Temptation of Love
When married women don’t get the love they want in marriage, they seek that love outside of it—and this is number one reason married women have extramarital affairs. Be it a man or a woman, everyone wants to be loved and when we don’t get that love from where we expect to get it from, we seek it elsewhere. Accept it or not, married women want their husbands to show affection to them 24/7 or whenever they’re around.
While the nature of affection that women expect from their husbands may not always be sexual or intimate, married women do want their hubbies to say or do something nice for them all the time! let’s be just, no one can show affection all the time so expecting your hubby to be lovey-dovey with you 24/7 is fantasy-thinking to say the least. Give your hubby some space and lower your expectations from him. Contrary to what you may think, he isn’t always looking for love or sex from you. There are times when he just wants you to sit with him, coffee or tea in hand, and listen to what he has to say or share. Allow this to happen regularly and soon the two of you will have a strong bond—a bond that doesn’t need sex or show of affection to survive.

The Temptation of a ‘Better Looking’ Partner
We all want a drool-inspiring celebrity such as Brad Pitt as partner or at least someone with those looks, but, that can’t always happen. Contrary to what the media tells you, men with ‘awe-inspiring’ looks are few and far between. If your hubby is an ‘average joe’, then despair not, most married women have the same. You’re not an Angelina Jolie or a Jennifer Aniston and even if you are, your odds of finding Brad Pitt are 1 in 1000 considering the lack of ‘good-looking’ men in this world. So, be happy with what you have because if you don’t do that, you may end up having no one at all.

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