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Five Ways to Rock a Turtleneck

It’s true–the turtleneck is finally back. But how can you pull it off this fall?

It’s true–the turtleneck is finally back. But how can you pull it off this fall? From suited to casual, we’ve got the looks you need. When styled correctly turtlenecks are fashionable and sophisticated, which is why they are a trend once again. The turtleneck was considered elegant years ago, and it was frequently spotted on classic celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn. Now, turtlenecks are back and more chic than ever.

Not sure how to wear a turtleneck? Read through for 5 outfit ideas to inspire you.

Black turtlenecks are the classic option as well as the easiest to style, as they can go with just about anything. This leather jacket is instantly made more refined and is taken to the next level by adding the turtleneck.

Take one of your favorite dresses and layer a turtleneck underneath. This allows you to convert your warmer temperature pieces to work all year round.

Choose a cropped version of the turtleneck before it gets too chilly. Pairing this with high-waisted skirts and pants allows for a perfect pop of skin.

Turtleneck sweaters are an excellent way to ease into this neckline style. They are also extremely warm and comfy, making them one of the smartest selections for those frigid winter days!

Turtlenecks look fantastic in contrast with flared skirts. The conservative and constricted top helps balance the dimensions of the outfit when paired with a looser skirt. Adding a necklace with a turtleneck helps draw attention to the unique neckline as well.

Warmth and functionality meets chic with the turtleneck. Take advantage of this fabulous piece this fall!

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