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Top 5 Shoe Trends for Spring/Summer

Just like the seasons, shoe trends come and go. Since we have entered Spring/Summer season,

Just like the seasons, shoe trends come and go. Since we have entered Spring/Summer season, it is time to let go of those furry boots and all other winter shoe trends. It is time to brace yourself for chic, classy, and totally flawless shoe trends that are taking 2017 summer/spring by storm.

1.     Platforms are Back in Style

One of the shoe trends that quickly gained attention at the runway is the platform trend. Platforms add height and make you appear totally runway-worthy. From boots to sandals, platforms can be seen adorned by stunning models in designer shows. From Michael Kors to Dolce & Gabbana, many top-of-the-line designers have created their own platform lines.

Charlotte Olympia’s Native American lady inspired platforms and Marc Jacobs’ embellished number all got massive attention from the audience. From heavily worked platforms to the more minimalistic satin ones, platforms are definitely the talk of the season in the shoe-town.

Maison Margiela on the other hand crafted more professional-looking platform shoes that can be worn in corporate environments. Dolce & Gabbana’s floral platforms looked more like wedges with seabed themed bottom and polka dot top. Michael Kors stunned the audience with simple yet striking platforms like the one with a wooden base and a red cut-out floral top. Miu Miu models walked in funkier platforms that were undoubtedly eye-catching yet casual.

If you want to get an extra edge this spring/summer and look different, follow the platform shoes’ trend. We are certain you will not be disappointed.

2.     Fascinating Sliders for the Laid-Back

It seems like the nineties have made a comeback in the fashion world. This spring/summer, fashion runways were laden with slider sandals. These flip flops have been given a funky twist. From floral prints to sequins, sliders are trending this hot season.

What makes these flip flops great is the comfort that they provide while also being super stylish. Whether you are heading out for lunch or just shopping on your day off, these sliders will ensure you are looking on point in every sense. These flats are also super versatile, allowing you to be both stylish and comfy at the same time.

From Prada to Miu Miu, top designers in the fashion scene have designed their own versions of sliders. Dolce & Gabbana’s embellished floral sliders are fashionably chic yet super comfortable. Tory Burch on the other hand crafted a more feminine piece loaded with pearls, giving sliders new meaning. The best thing about wearing sliders is that you can feel completely comfortable wearing them for long hours. The fantasy sliders exhibited on all spring/summer runways are playful, laid-back, while also being high-end.

3.     Flaunt your Branded Shoes

If you are into brands, this new shoe trend would definitely bring excitement. Amongst the many unique shoe trends witnessed during the spring/summer 2017 fashion shows was the branded shoe trend. Saint Laurent definitely amped up the game by coming out with sexy black sandals with YSL delicately carved into the heel.

Jeremy Scott’s red sandals were no less with Scott cut out on the side. Other brands including J’Adior and Christian Dior also came out with branded footwear with their labels on the shoes. The branded show trend will definitely catch the attention of brand lovers who want to show off the brand that they are wearing.

This trend is not only cool, but unique, expanding the shoe trend possibilities to new levels. Branded shoes can be worn with any type of outfit. Whether you are heading to a formal event, a ball, or a casual lunch with friends, these heels will be a perfect fit. This shoe trend is not for the faint of the heart, but for those who are daring, confident, fearless, and fashion-forward.

4.     Airy Shoes to keep you Cool

With summers right around the corner and temperatures rising to an all time high (thanks to global warming), you will need to pay extra emphasis on wearing cool and airy clothes. Luckily enough, most fashion designers showcased their line of airy or breathable shows in the 2017 spring/summer fashion shows.

What are these breathable shoes really like?

Well, these shoes are designed to keep your feet feeling fresh during the summer season, giving them ample room for breathing. From small holes to mesh covered boots, designers made sure you are keeping cool in the hot weather.

Elie Saab came out with super airy ankle boots with a top design consisting of holes with embellishments. Alexander Wang worked around the same theme and came out with airy sliders. The holes on top of the shoes’ are enhanced with huge diamantes’. DSquared2’s the Devil Wears Prada-like booth grabbed massive attention at the runway due to its distinct yet sexy appearance. The black velvety boots consist of a red velvet lace that bind the two openings together. The color combination and the bold look of the boots make them a must-have this summer.

5.     Thigh High Boots for High End Fashion

Thigh High boots are the talk of the season. Although this shoe trend was seen dominating the style scene just last year, it really took the center stage in 2017 summer runway. These boots hug the leg, making you look taller and properly contoured.

Marc Jacobs’ funky comic-like thigh high boots really made eyes pop. The boots were shiny, eye-catching, and unique, making for the perfect summer day-time look. Balenciaga on the other hand showcased spandex and leather boots that reached the upper thighs, giving a stylish look.

Thigh high boots are eye-catching and make your body look perfectly sculpted. They are sexy, smart, and fashionable all at the same time. When you wear these boots, it almost seems as if you are wearing a second skin. Most fashion designers made use of spandex and patent leather to create high-fashion boots that are taking the latex culture to new heights.

Although boots in all shapes, sizes, and forms are in trend this summer, it is the thigh high boots that are edgier, smarter, sexier, and much more fascinating.

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