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Fashion Skewed Gadgets in 2017

Tech savvy individuals wait for wacky gadgets to hit the market every year.

Tech savvy individuals wait for wacky gadgets to hit the market every year. Just like any other year, 2017 is also going to see its fair share of fashionably skewed gadgets that are definitely unique and fun-to-try. If you are a tech junkie who is always on the lookout for crazy gadgets, we have just what you need!

Hubbel Hugo

Ever heard of a security camera with the ability to detect your facial expressions? We haven’t either!

The new Hubbel Hugo smart security cameras are surely unique with their expression detecting ability. By using facial recognition, this smart camera is triggered with expressions. It can detect a baby’s cry and automatically turn on the alarm to notify the parents.

This impressive camera can be used to stay aware of the things going on in your surroundings. What’s more is that the Hubbel Hugo doesn’t detect anything other than human expressions, which means your pets will not have any impact on the camera.


Hushme is a mouth guard or mask as many may like to call it that is designed for smart phones. The purpose of this unique gadget is to prevent your voice from reaching others. The mask is similar to the Bane mask from ‘The Dark Knight’, but for a totally different cause.

If you tend to get too vocal when using your smartphone or watching a video on YouTube in your phone, the Hushme mask is for you. You can continue to watch any video or play any game without disturbing those seated near to you. You might also gift this mask to someone at your workplace who makes a lot of sound. The Hushme mask also features a built-in voice changer which is quite cool.

Sleep Number 360 Bed

The world would be a better place if there was a bed that could feel you. Well, if that’s what you wished for, your wish has come true!

The Sleep Number 360 Bed is an innovative gadget that recognizes your needs and comfort settings. This bed can sense snores and adjusts the head position for a peaceful environment. The mattress is also deflated when you shift your position. Another appealing feature of this bed is its ability to warm your feet while you are asleep.

Fossil x Armani Hybrid Smartwatch

Apple is no longer the only brand coming out with cool smartwatches. The Fossil Group has designed a new hybrid watch with Armani Exchange that is going to hit the market in 2017. This smartwatch might appear normal, but has extra ordinary features like receiving notifications from your phone. It also works a lot like FitBit, tracking your steps and sleep hours. You also don’t need to charge this watch. Whether you want to become physically active or improve your overall lifestyle, this hybrid smartwatch will be the right fit for you.

HiMirror Plus

Mirror Mirror! Who is the fairest of them all?

Are you a beauty conscious individual who is always worried about their hygiene, appearance, and more? It is a great time for you to be alive because you can soon get your hands at a mirror that analyzes your skin and tells you exactly what’s wrong. Whether it is dark circles or fine lines, the HiMirror Plus can detect almost anything on your face. What’s more is that this gadget can track your skin over a certain time period to tell you whether a skincare product worked for you or not.

Griffin Technology Bluetooth Toaster

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any better, you find out about a Bluetooth toaster!

That’s right! Griffin Technology is soon going to release its connected toaster that is enabled with the help of an app. Now you don’ have to rush to the toaster to see if your bread is perfectly toasted or not because an application will do that for you.

Under Armour Gemini Smart Shoes

Under Armour is coming with a brand new pair of shoes that are smart and can help with weight loss. Aimed at health conscious individuals, this shoe features a technology that allows you to calculate your running capability for the day via an application. All you need to do is jump up and down six times in a row and the shoe will tell you exactly what you are capable of. Is it okay to expect a shoe that gets you your desired food every time you jump?

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