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Experiencing Hanoi in 48 Hours

Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital is a must-visit destination.

Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital is a must-visit destination. The city that is in fact a hidden gem in a breathtaking natural setting packed with fascinating lakes and mesmerizing valleys. The wooden boulevards of this rustic city make it ever so amazing to explore.

When you walk around the city, you will witness scooters all around, making it feel like it’s been in the hideout from the much modern world around. From shopping centers to local markets, there is plenty to explore in the city. If you have a thing for nature, Hanoi is the place to be. Its gorgeous waters, lush green grasslands, and the breathtaking cliffs all make for a destination that you might not want to miss out on.

If you are planning a short-but-sweet trip to Hanoi, it pays to check out the Award-winning Vietjet Airline for their regular exciting promotions and to enjoy a rewarding 48 hours in this magnificent city, below is the information you’ll need:

Places to Visit

Hanoi is a perfect blend of East and West. It is a city that has a lot on offer. From its busy city life to its majestic natural spaces, there are numerous places to visit in Hanoi. But if you are on a time crunch with only two days to explore this beautiful land, you must visit the following places to leave with a complete experience:

Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is a place that is easily accessible from the Hoan Kiem Lake and is also the center of the city. This market area boasts rugged streets lined up with all types of shops. In this market you will get a glimpse of French Colonial architecture. What’s more is that you can easily head to the nearest temples from this market.

In the middle of the lake is a small island with a small stone Pagoda which cannot be reached since there are no bridges or boats to the island, but then there are those turtles for entertainment. The name of the lake translates to ‘Lake of the Returned Sword,’ and is so named because of the legend of a turtle reclaiming a magical sword that was given to Emperor Le Loi by the Golden Turtle God (Kim Qui). The sword was given to smite the Chinese Ming Dynasty. After successfully fending off the invaders, the emperor was boating on Hoan Kiem Lake when a giant turtle rose up and snatched the sword from him and disappeared into the depths, never to be found again.

West Lake

The West Lake is the largest lake in Hanoi, also known as Tay Ho by the locals. When you reach the lake, you will be able to witness a panoramic view of the skyline of Hanoi. The Tay Ho Pagoda and the Trấn Quốc Pagoda are both located in the same vicinity as the lake. If you are in the mood to try some local Vietnamese seafood, the West Lake is the ideal place to be.

Temple of Literature

Hanoi is famous for its history. Therefore, make sure you pay a visit to the Temple of Literature. This temple of Confucius is also the first ever university of Hanoi. This temple offers a peak into the life of the most honorable Hanoi scholars. It consists of five courtyards and many temples within the same location.

Things to do

There’s plenty to do in Hanoi, but with little time in your hands, you must only pick out the best things to do including the following:

Drink Beer at Hoan Kiem Bia Hoi

Your trip to Hanoi would be incomplete without a visit to Hoan Kiem Bia Hoi. Get seated on plastic stools and order the cheapest beer you will ever have.

Learn about Vietnam’s History

Hanoi has an elaborate history and a trip to this city will be incomplete without learning about it. Therefore, make sure you visit the temples and museums in the city to learn about the war and the Ming Dynasty. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoa Lo Prison, and the Museum of Ethnology are amongst the best places to visit to learn about Vietnam history.

Buy Souvenirs’ at Dong Xuan Market

It would be a waste to visit Hanoi, Vietnam, and not get any souvenirs to remember your trip for a lifetime. Head to the Dong Xuan Market and grab some interesting memorabilia while also experiencing the chaos of the market.

Places to Eat

One cannot judge a place until she has tasted its food. Below is a list of restaurants you must visit during your short stay to get a taste of Hanoi:

Au Lac

If you are in search of good cup of coffee to open up your mind, visit Au Lac café in Ly Thai. This upbeat café arranged live jazz on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Maison De Tet Décor

Maison De Tet Décor is a stylish restaurant located in West Lake district of Hanoi. This restaurant will make you feel at home. You can enjoy breakfast and coffee at Maison De Tet Décor and Vietnamese cuisine at night.

Getting Around in Hanoi – Commuting Tips

There are plenty of ways to get around Hanoi without any trouble. if you want your stay in Hanoi to be hassle free, below are a few transportation options that you can choose to commute within the city with ease:


Cab rides are cheap in Hanoi, and you have a few to choose from – Hanoi Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi, and Taxi CP.

Shuttle Buses

If you want to go cheaper, commute in shuttle buses.

Scooter Taxi

If you really want to experience Hanoi at its best, book a scooter taxi. Scooter taxis don’t have meters so do your research before you get on one.

The best attitude when travelling is to simply let yourself go and enjoy your holiday. If time permits, you may also expand your visit by exploring other destinations around Hanoi. Check out the other convenient domestic connections Vietjet has to offer and enjoy a truly jetaway holiday with Vietjet Airline.

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