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Glitter nails

Here’s what you need to do achieve this loo

Disco Nails

Here’s what you need to do achieve this look:

Start with clean nails that are as clear as a blank canvas. This is one rule that is common between all nail art and nail designs. Therefore, if you were wearing any nail polish, it will need to be cleaned up. Wipe off any oils from the nails’ surface, as well.

Keep in mind that your nail surfaces can get scratched as you try to apply glitter nail polish on them. Therefore, protect the surface by covering it up with a base coat, preferably a thick layer for maximal protection.

Next comes, a coat of the nail polish that matches the color of the glitter nail polish you will be applying later on.

Follow with two coats of the glitter polish but only after the first one has dried completely.

Lastly, add a clear topcoat to complete the look.

Glitter Trimmed

To get glitter trimmed nails, you will need to start by filing them to a shape of your choice.

Next, trim and moisturize the cuticles and cover with a single layer of the base coat. Now, your nails will keep the color longer.

Follow the base coat with two coats of a nail polish color of your choice. Keep in mind that both the coats should be applied as thin, even layers. If you apply thick layers, then it will be more likely to smudge or peel. Thus, opt for even layers, instead of thicker ones. Allow ample time between each coat for it to dry before applying a new one.

Now, apply the glitter nail polish lightly, starting from the centre of the nail and keep moving upwards to the tip.

Finish with a layer of topcoat to seal everything in.

Accent Glitter

For this look, here is what you will need to do:

  1. Clean and file your nails, then moisturize them before applying a nude base. Wait for it to dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  2. Next, grab some tape and apply it to the back of your hand. Peel it off and then use it on your nail. Doing so will make it less sticky and keep it from harming the base you applied before. The tape will go on the nail diagonally.
  3. Apply clear polish on the tape covered nail in a thin layer and remove the tape quickly.
  4. Now, apply fine glitter to the nail by sprinkling some on it. Use a fan brush to tap it down and let it dry for a moment or two.
  5. Remove excess glitter with the help of the same brush before moving on to the next nail. Repeat the process for every nail.
  6. Seal the glitter in by applying a single, thin layer of topcoat over it. Make sure that the topcoat layer overlaps with the layer of the base coat.
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